Your brain requires balanced brain chemistry to function optimally. If you panic, you can cause brain chemistry imbalances. These imbalances won’t help your business thrive, but staying calm can. It is by staying calm during this never-before-experienced Corona Virus pandemic that you can best get through this challenge.

Help Your Business By Choosing To Stay Calm

You think thoughts in your mind. Using your brain, you interpret those thoughts. By questioning the credibility of panicked-based thoughts, you can reduce your stress. This applies to your business or any life situation that may seem stressful. So, by choosing to think with awareness that options do exist that better serve you, you can find that every problem has a solution. This also applies to how to help your business simply by choosing to stay calm.

The fastest and easiest way to dissolve ideas that feel threatening to the life of your business is to question those self-limiting or self-sabotaging thoughts. By questioning them, you stop doubting. Mental doubting keeps you stuck feeling hopeless or helpless.

Check Online and By Phone

The best way to help your business is to do research for answers you seek. Local business can talk with someone at local agencies for answers to your questions about how to keep your business running. But remember state and federal organizations as well. Calling and asking a trusted source helps you stay on track.

For example, you might be one of many wondering about filing your taxes. This includes business taxes. Today an online magazine called The Hill released an article on March 18, 2020, about paying taxes. April 15th is traditionally the tax due date in America. However, if you are a non-US company, check with your own tax authorities.

For Americans, help your business and yourself by going to The Hill dot com and read the IRS notice about taxes. To summarize, the April 15th deadline date will still be the file deadline date. However, here is some quoted text from the article:

“The Treasury Department and IRS on Wednesday released guidance on deferring tax payments due to the coronavirus, providing some clarity for taxpayers and tax preparers.

“The release of the guidance comes after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Tuesday that individuals would be able to defer up to $1 million and corporations would be able to defer up to $10 million for 90 days without penalties and interest.

“The guidance specifies that individuals and corporations can defer payments, including for self-employment taxes, that were due April 15 until July 15. It states that the $1 million limit applies both to single filers and to married couples filing joint returns.

“Treasury and the IRS also say in the guidance that the extension of the payment due date applies to taxpayers’ 2019 taxes due on April 15 as well as to federal estimated income tax payments due on that date that pertain to the 2020 tax year.”

Nobody likes to pay taxes. However, if you follow the rules you can legally pay the least amount of taxes.

The adage remains that panicking will not help your business. Staying calm and acting practical with sound information can help your business.

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