How Are You Weathering The Coronavirus Economic Downturn?

How Are You Weathering The Coronavirus Economic Downturn?

You’ve moved your business online and become virtual.Do your customers know the novel Coronavirus hasn’t put you out of business? The Patch, an online newspaper, conducted a survey across the US. The following summarizes in a few words the most important message business owners nationally want their customers to know, namely, “Help us let the community know we’re open for business.”

Coronavirus Doesn’t Have To Bankrupt Your Business

The Patch has provided a way to help local business customers know which providers are open. If you are a Patch subscriber ( which is a FREE online newsletter for local business, contact them and ask about their directory for your area. This local business directory is being shared with the immediate community served by Patch. Your area might be in their service area.

Communities are coming together more than ever before. This community-mindedness is contributing to preventing business bankruptcies. What about nationally? Are you a global business? Do you regularly post on social platforms? For local and global businesses, now is the right time for you to be very social.

What could you post on the social platforms to let customers know you are still open for business? Here are some sample posts to use:

Example #1 – “We are open online for business! Contact (your name) at (your email address or phone number) so we can serve your needs now.)

Example #2 – “The Coronavirus did not stop us from providing service to you. We are practicing social distancing by staying open for business virtually. As always, you can contact us at (contact information, email, phone number, cell phone, etc.).

“Check out our special deals as a thank you for being our customers. Take advantage of us going virtual by looking at our “Special Online Deals” page (state what the specials are) and getting (what are the bonuses?)”

Remember to reach out to your customer list by email, too. Here is a sample email message you could send.

Example to your email list:

Subject line: Checking in – we’re still open for business

“How are you and your family doing? Everyone here is well. We here at (name of your business) have been thinking about you. What better way than to send an email?

“A lot has changed over the past (time amount) and it seems like the world has gone topsy-turvy with Coronavirus. However, we are still here to serve your needs. We know a lot of families are in dire situations. In keeping with this, we are offering a (digital/online) FREE (name what you are giving away to help your customers) to you right now. Please share this (free thing) that can benefit your friends, co-workers or other family members.

“Know that we are here for you. If we can help you somehow, please let us know. Contact us at (give contact information) and let us know how we might help you get through this difficult time. We are ALL in this together!”

(Your business name)

There is a lot you can do to stay connected and weather the coronavirus economic downturn. It begins by clearly communicated with your customers and sincerely showing you care.

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