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Note: For those from UpWork, you will be charged weekly through Upwork. As Upwork is based on multiples of 10 minutes, the billing will be the nearest 10 minutes to be close to the estimates below.

We have many offerings that can be purchased individually.

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Google Ads Setup and Management

Customers are always searching for businesses, products and more, and they are overjoyed when local businesses show up in the results. So as a small business, setting up a Google Ads account can really help you if you get everything set up right. Google Ads is the new name for Google Adwords. 

It is important to target the right people with your campaigns. This will depend on the type of business you have of course, and by type of people you want to be able to get your products or services. For example, you don’t want your ads showing to someone in Sweden when you’re only able to ship domestically and not internationally.

This can definitely be a way to expand your business. Since Adwords is also for big business, this does provide your small business with an edge that you can’t get from other avenues. Along with everything else you get, especially with geo-targeting campaigns, you’ll be watching the traffic hit your site.

To be successful with Google Ads, it’s essential that you have us manage the process. Success requires excellent management, analysis, monitoring and continuous improvement. To get a better idea of what our staff does to optimize your ads, see this blog post: https://bestdigitalmarketinghub.com/how-ppc-strategists-optimize-google-ads/

Contact us at [email protected] for an estimate.

Client meetings and extra research are in addition to the following estimates and will be billed on an hourly basis. Setup of additional campaigns will be less and it depends on how different it is from the other campaign. 

A general estimate per campaign for a low ad budget: $300 for setup and $70 weekly optimization management. Your ad spend and any landing page creation are in addition to this. 

Here is a quote we just gave to one client for their first campaign:

Ad Budget Initial Setup
<$1000 Ad Spend    $300
$1000 – $1500         $325
$1500 – $2000         $350
$2000 – $2500         $375
$2500 – $3000         $400
$3000 – $3500         $425
$3500 – $4000         $450
Ad Budget Weekly Optimization
<$1000 Ad Spend    $70
$1000 – $1500         $80
$1500 – $2000         $90
$2000 – $2500       $100
$2500 – $3000       $110
$3000 – $3500       $120
$3500 – $4000       $130

But it all depends on more details, so yours may be higher or lower. For example, if you want faster results, you will need your ads to be optimized more often so that costs more than what you see above. Ecommerce websites require more work, so the quotes will be higher. If your industry is highly competitive, your ad costs and optimization may be higher. This is only for Google Ads / AdWords (including writing the ads), not the ad budget. The higher the ad budget, the more work we need to do. We do optimize daily at the beginning and we keep on top of the ads after setup, optimizing when needed.

PPC Campaign Set Up:

  • Market/Business Research– Analyze the business & market niche.
  • Competition Research– Analyze the existing business competition involved.
  • Keyword Analysis– Identify the most relevant & cost effective keywords & finalize the keyword match types.
  • Ads Writing– Creating most relevant & click to action static/dynamic ad copies.
  • Defining Ad Groups– Categorize similar keywords and combine them into ad groups.
  • Developing Ad Campaigns– Categorize similar ad groups and club them into campaigns.
  • Bidding– Applying ad ranking/placement strategies.
  • Landing Pages– Optimizing landing pages for better ROI.

PPC Campaign Monthly Ongoing Optimization Process:

  • Market/Business Research– Analyze the business & market niche.
  • Competition Research– Analyze the existing business competition involved.
  • Keyword Re-Analysis – Analyze the currently used keyword sets and match types & add/delete/update keywords for better performance.
  • Ads Writing– Test the existing Ad copies, applying A/B testing and finalizing the best performing ads.
  • Performance Tests– Monitoring ad response with variations & maintenance of Quality Score.
  • Bidding– Observing the bidding & placement patterns of the industry and applying appropriate bid to lower campaign costs.
  • Landing Pages– improving the current landing pages by testing different landing page versions.
  • Tracking Conversions– Following up on conversion ratios.
  • Reporting– Maintaining weekly/monthly data reports.

Facebook and Instagram Ads, including Retargeting

Facebook and Instagram Advertising and Retargeting are state-of-the-art ways of attracting more clients. Have you ever gone to a website such as Amazon, and later noticed that an advertisement for the same product you were just looking at has suddenly popped up on a completely different website? Then you have just been introduced to retargeting. As most marketers understand, only about 2% of the traffic that visits your offer initially will actually make a purchase.

The purpose of retargeting is to actually give you the opportunity to connect with the other 98% that did not buy the first time. There is a specific technology that is used in order to deliver these advertisements wherever your potential clients may go on the internet, a simple strategy that can help you make more money using the marketing strategy called retargeting.

Client meetings and extra research are in addition to the following estimates and will be billed on an hourly basis. Additional campaign setup will be less and it depends on how different it is from the other campaign. 

Basic Level Facebook Ads

This level is for an Ad Budget of up to $1,500. There is no guarantee of results especially during the testing period which is usually 2 weeks.

A general quote is per campaign: $397 Ad Design and Setup (For an image ad or if you provide the video. Ask for a quote for a video ad.) Your ad spend and any landing page creation are in addition to this.

$97 Weekly Management, Ad tweaks, and Optimization (per campaign) Your ad spend is in addition to this.

Advanced Level Facebook Ads

This level requires a minimum Ad Budget of $1,500 for testing. There is no guarantee of results during the testing period which is usually 1-2 months.

A general quote is: $1,297 Ad Design and Setup (For an image ad or if you provide the video. Ask for a quote for a video ad.) Your ad spend and any landing page creation are in addition to this.

$297 minimum Weekly Management, Ad tweaks, and Optimization (per campaign) Your ad spend is in addition to this.

Contact us for a customized quote. To order, contact us at [email protected]

To see one style of video ad, go to www.BestVideoHub.com. The style there is $267, unless you want major customization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is what gets your website FOUND in a Google search. Search engine marketing (SEO) is an essential part of getting your business noticed online. Optimizing your website for the search engines can help your company appear higher in the search results. This can not only result in more traffic but also an increase in sales.

Getting your website listed in one of the top spots in the major search engines translates into instant credibility. People tend to trust organic search results more than they trust paid advertisements. That means that they will be easier to convert into buyers or leads when they click through to your website.

We take great care in performing excellent keyword research and analysis based on understanding your business and market. This is key for getting prospects to find you in a Google search and is essential for success with SEO.

If you are a current website package customer, your website is optimized at the level of your Website/Marketing Service Package. Your Basic SEO includes basic on-page SEO, which means pages, blog posts and products are optimized for the search engines, such as Google. If you have purchased a Website/Marketing Service Package with social media, you will receive basic SEO benefits from that also. The Enhanced SEO skyrockets you to the next level.

Enhanced SEO includes:

Item Activity
Business & Competitor Analysis Research Business aspects like Services, USP, Target Market & Competitors.
SEO Audit Report Provide an audit report showing initial and current SEO status.
Keyword Research & Strategy Research various relevant keyword sets to be utilized during the SEO campaign and evaluate current ranking status.
Title & Meta Tags Create SEO optimized Title & Meta Tags for individual pages, blog posts and products.
URL Structure URLs will be optimized according to each page.
Heading Tags Create new keyword rich heading tags.
Image Optimization Add keyword rich image tags.
Content Optimization Identify pages with missing/duplicate content. Embed relevant keywords for existing content.
Page Load Time Reduce page load time.
Internal Link Structure Add link titles.
Google Analytics Provide details about the website and its traffic.
Webmaster Implementation Create Webmaster account and verify the website.
Sitemap.xml Improves website indexing.
Broken Links Remove broken links or fix them.
W3C Errors Identify coding errors for individual pages.
Backlink Popularity Create backlinks through diverse Off Page SEO activities such as Local Business Listings, Classified Ads, Video Distribution, High PR Web Directories, Press Releases, Popular Social Bookmarks, Blog Directories, RSS Syndication on ongoing basis.
Reporting Campaign Performance Monitoring – Crawl Errors, Indexed Pages, Google Page Rank, Keyword Rankings, Traffic.

For a full website showing our offerings, go to www.bestseobiz.com

We have Economy SEO, Enhanced SEO, and Advanced SEO. See these at Package Pricing.

Advanced: $1497 SEO Design and Setup, $797 Monthly, Buy Now!

Enhanced: $997 SEO Design and Setup, $497 Monthly, Buy Now!

Economy: $497 Design and Setup, $297 Monthly, Buy Now!

To order,go to www.bestseobiz.com, click the Buy Now link above or contact us at [email protected]

Keyword Research

If you purchase SEO services, keyword research is part of that. Sometimes you may just want keyword research or you want the additional benefits of Advanced Keyword Research.

Basic Keyword Research Includes:

  1. Keyword
  2. Number of monthly searches in Google using this keyword
  3. AdWords Competition as a percentage
  4. AdWords CPC amount paid using this keyword

With advanced keyword you also get this information –

  1. Get keyword
  2. Get level of difficulty number to rank for this specific keyword
  3. Get number of monthly searches using/about this keyword
  4. Get Excel spreadsheet list of long tail words using/about this keyword
  5. Get Excel spreadsheet list of related terms using/about this keyword
  6. Get Excel spreadsheet list of the 10 competitors ranking for this unique search term
  7. Get Excel spreadsheet of LSI keyword terms using/about this keyword
  8. Get Excel spreadsheet of top 4 tag terms using/about this keyword
  9. Get Excel spreadsheet of Google Adwords ad copy of top ads
  10. Get Excel spreadsheet of categories for this search term using/about this keyword
  11. Get Excel spreadsheet of alternate suggestions for this keyword (when available)
  12. Get Excel spreadsheet of “How to” questions being asked by monthly searchers using/about this keyword (when available)
  13. Get Excel spreadsheet list of other questions being asked using/about this keyword (when available)
  14. Get the lowest/average Domain Authority ranking number using/about this keyword (when available)
  15. Get the lowest/average Page Authority ranking number using/about this keyword (when available)
  16. The lowest/average Trust Flow factor number using/about this keyword (when available)
  17. The lowest/average backlinks using/about this keyword (when available)
  18. CPC amount paid statistic using/about this keyword (when available)
  19. Get the number of broad competing domain names for this one search term
  20. Get the number of competing domain names (in quotes) for this one search term
  21. Get the number of domain names using this search term in the title
  22. Get current trends using this keyword (when available)
  23. Get links to products for sale using this keyword (when available)

What is the value of advanced keyword research compared with basic research?  Basic keyword research gets you started with basic SEO keyword search terms. The basic level is fine for beginners or for people traveling the SEO web content highway inside a city bus. Basic keyword research is extremely valuable information giving you a basic roadmap for using SEO web content on your website. Think of the basic keyword research like it’s a basic map leading you in the general direction of Google Page 1.

Advanced keyword research can be compared to knowing all the sites on the roadmap to getting to Google Page 1 riding in style in a limousine. If the Basic Keyword research package could be compared to a general set of valuable instructions getting you to your end destination (Google Page 1), the Advanced Keyword Research package gets you there revealing complete and thorough information beyond the basics so you can more precisely get to where you want to go.

The details revealed in the Advanced Keyword Research package gives you questions monthly searches ask, suggestions on what you can write to attract your market in blog posts, Page Authority, Domain Authority and Trust Factor numbers and more.  Just look at the comparative chart and you’ll see why the Advanced Keyword Research package is your best value.

Basic Keyword research. Approximately 50-100 keywords. $75.
Advanced Keyword research. 10 keywords = $290. 1 keyword = $30.
1 keyword for ease of ranking of only – $15, 10 keyword for ease of ranking of only – $140


Blogs are extremely important to both Google and people. We will perform basic keyword analysis, title writing, blog writing, meta description writing, tag creation, and posting to your WordPress website. In addition, we provide the Featured Image from access to hundreds of thousands of images. You will have license rights to all this content.

Our title creation is enhanced via a title analysis software for improved shareability. The blog and meta description writing will follow best practices for reader engagement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The following prices are for blogs on WordPress websites hosted or created by Best Digital Marketing Hub. For other quotes, contact us.

2 Blog posts per month: $297 setup and $197 per month starting in the month after setup.

4 Blog posts per month: $497 setup and $397 per month starting in the month after setup.

To order or to request a custom estimate, contact us at [email protected]

Email Marketing

Experts agree that your email list is one of the most important parts of a successful online business, giving you a way to build a relationship with your users, informing them of new services or products that might interest them. Setting up email marketing campaigns is extremely important and can help boost your revenue exponentially!

Building your list and email marketing campaigns are an extremely important part of building up your business online. It’s important to make sure you provide useful information, and build a relationship with your users in order to reach as many as possible. This will make launching new products, services, webinars or seminars much easier and help generate more revenue much more easily. Email marketing really is key to online success.

We write emails based on best practices and marketing psychology.

$457 Email Marketing Design and Setup (includes email optin below)

This is for setup on email marketing services such as Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp. Infusionsoft or Ontraport will be more. Contact us if you wish a different one.

$297 Monthly (includes writing, posting and scheduling 4 emails per month)

Above is for basic, simple emails for simple, non-technical industries. Contact us for a quote based on your requirements.

To order or to request a custom estimate, contact us at [email protected]

Sales Funnel: Email Optin Landing Page Creation and Installation

For your inbound marketing, we will design one email optin and one thank you page, create the title and bullets, then install it on your WordPress website. We will provide up to one image at this price and/or use your images. This assumes you already have an email marketing software set up.


To order or to request a custom estimate for other landing pages, contact us at [email protected]

Social Media Marketing

It’s a fact: Businesses that have an active and effective presence on Social Media, will build their brands better, faster, and stronger than their competitors. Social Media done right can engage prospective clients, increase trust, build brands, make money, drive traffic, and increase SEO ranking. It’s also a fact that having a strong social media presence is an essential form of marketing. However, most business owners really hate doing it or don’t have time to do it, and this is where we do our job.

With our social media management services we handle managing your business presence across multiple social outlets. We analyze and identify outlets best suited for your line of business, setup the accounts where your business is currently not present, and take care of updating your outlets with information that reflects your brand and voice. With your input, we develop an overall Social Media strategy in total alignment with the goals you have for your business, and then we work towards achieving those objectives for you.

For Social Media, I need to know more: what’s your website or at least your industry, do you have any social media set up yet, do you have specific preferences for social media, who is your audience, what type of posts, do you have a blog, do you want us to manage engagement (actions) and how much do you want to spend on engagement? Then we can create an estimate for social media.

Contact us at 408-992-5529 or [email protected] for a quote

Social Media Actions

Grow your social media and Increase your engagement! We perform Social Media Actions such as: Liking, Friending, Following, Retweet, Favorites, messages, commenting, sharing, requesting to Like a Page. These are actions performed by a human, as desired by the social media companies.

Setup + 1st Mo Monthly
50 actions $597 $497
100 actions $997 $897
150 actions $1,397 $1,297
200 actions $1,787 $1,687

To order, contact us at [email protected]

Scheduling Software Setup

This is an estimate for setting up software such as Acuity. This is only an generalization as we will need to give you a custom estimate. Scheduling Software Setup   $597

To order, contact us at [email protected]

Logo creation

Basic or Complex logo creation

Contact us at [email protected] for a quote

YouTube Video Creation and Posting

Contact us at [email protected] for a quote

or go to www.BestVideoHub.com

Google Map Setup (Google My Business)

Contact us at [email protected] for a quote










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