Special Project Credits for non-Upwork clients

Got a special project that you want done? We can do that! Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your request to [email protected], unless you have already discussed it with our staff.
  2. Your request will be sent to our technical staff to give you an estimate.
  3. We will contact you to confirm the details and the amount to purchase it.
  4. If you like the plan, then purchase the correct amount of credits in $1 increments. To do this, enter the number into quantity, then click the Update link below it. You will then see the updated totals and you can select either credit card or PayPal.

Click here for Special Project Credits

For Hourly Projects: All Services shall be billed based on the applicable hourly rate which shall include all the applicable services needed to perform the requested tasks.
It is impossible to determine in advance how much time will be needed to complete your task. As such, any figures quoted to you for the total cost of our services are merely estimates that are subject to change. The final amount payable shall be computed by multiplying the applicable hourly rates by the number of direct labor hours performed. Invoices will be submitted to you and must be paid upon receipt.

For Upwork clients, disregard the last sentence as all payments will be through Upwork and you can’t use the Special Project Credits link here.

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