Be A One Hit Wonder For Your Company Brand

Be A One Hit Wonder For Your Company Brand

Plastic wrap. The vacuum cleaner. Facial tissues. These everyday creations could be seen as what I call “One Hit Wonders.” You are a creative person if you are in business. There is a theme about the business solution you offer. Most likely, you have a centerpiece product or service that is the one main tool to solve a niche problem or challenge. Just like plastic wrap, the vacuum cleaner and facial tissues when they were invented, with enough of the right marketing, they became known as a company brand name. In other words, the product IS the company.

Here’s a popularity test on just these three one hit wonder creations. The item is associated with a company brand name:

  • Do you use plastic wrap or think and buy Saran Wrap?
  • Do you use a vacuum cleaner or think and buy Hoover?
  • Do you blow your nose with a facial tissue or think and buy Kleenex?

If you think about and use these three, common, everyday products by their proper name, you are invested in that company brand name. You can do the same thing with YOUR business one hit wonder.

Imagine your “centerpiece” product or service being favorably known by one word that is associated with your company. In the mind of your target market, end users believe there is nothing else like your product/service. This is how you use your one hit wonder to succeed commercially. Now that’s a creative way to be a business success!

Company Brand Identity Founded Around Your One Hit Wonder Creation

So, what is your company brand one hit wonder? Is it a physical product or a service? Is it a solution you sell in an e-course or a book? How can you use your one hit wonder in a way that’s simple to think about when it comes to needing the solution you provide? Capitalize on it!

Let’s say your one hit wonder is a video door bell. How is your video door bell different than the ones on the market today? Create a name associated with your company brand and market it with the name.

You could promote it by doing a comparative chart with other well-known video door bells. Lining up all the benefits side by side, show how your company’s video door bell is superior to all the other ones available. How? By looking for and filling a marketing gap.

How do you find a marketing gap to fill? By doing appropriate market research. What’s one main question you could ask to find a marketing gap? Join a social media group in perhaps Facebook and start asking what the most frustrating thing is for people in your niche market. Listen and implement the answers into making a one hit wonder.

Look for language patterns where people repeat their greatest frustrations. That can be good information to make your product or service seen as something very wanted and saleable.

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