Creating and Conducting a Simple Social Media Campaign

Creating and Conducting a Simple Social Media Campaign

Wonder how to run an effective social media campaign? It starts by focusing on building genuine, long term relationships with business people in your niche. Here’s an example of what’s needed to run an engaging campaign.

Imagine this scene … a friend of yours has just lost her job. When she talked about being an employee at “her” company, she sparkled. She told everyone she loved her fellow co-workers. With enthusiasm, she claimed to have the world’s greatest boss. Then, when she called and told you she had just lost her job, you heard her sobbing on the other end of the phone about being downsized and riffed.

You could relate to her sense of loss. You thought it an inappropriate time to share that you had just returned from the vet after agreeing to put your cancer-ridden dog down. But did you tell her about your tragedy? No. Instead, you just listened to her spill her guts and grief over her job loss. When you could get a word in on the phone, you told her you’d be right over. You wanted to be there for her in person.

Being a good listener and putting the focus on what matters most to your target audience are “tools” necessary to run an effective social media campaign. In the campaign, you are there for them by talking about what matters most to them in your social posts! It is easiest to be in a business that also matters a lot to you. If you work according to your true PASSION, work doesn’t seem like work at all! It’s also much easier to be social when engaged in sharing your passion.

An Effective Social Media Campaign Requires Reaching Out

To create and conduct an engaging social media campaign, you reach out to others and put your own agenda second. Putting others’ issues at the forefront is a part of developing socialization skills.

Let’s face it; we all need to engage with others. Staying connected to each other showing we genuinely care is essential to the success of your business. This is why creating and conducting a social media campaign is essential; for your mental sanity AND your business success.

So, what’s a simple way to create and conduct a social media campaign? Here are some tips and ideas:

  1. Listen to those who are already successful in doing social media. Ask them questions as to their success. Follow their model if it seems simple or reasonable for you. Modify it to your needs. If you can’t figure out how to adopt the model in a way that works for you, hire a coach. Or, outsource some of all of this necessary business activity.
  2. What’s one simple system you could use to successfully be social for your business? First, identify a niche that will always have current problems experienced by the masses AND future problems. For example, take cooking. This is a good example of a niche that has current problems and will have future problems.

People MUST eat food. Many people just cannot cook well. Even when following a recipe book, they just will never be masterful cooks! So, you can create a series of 30-second or one-minute videos just for people who can’t cook.

Write ebooks or create cooking ecourses (or both!) Have your 30-second or one-minute videos transcribed. These are helpful videos but they are mainly used for marketing purposes.

Ask people to join your list so they can receive by email a copy of the video transcriptions with a link to each video. That way, you can continue to help them master their cooking skill as you develop caring relationships with your target audience.

In your emails, make sure you have a link to a page on your website store where you sell your cooking books and ecourses. Keep being social on your favorite social media platform(s). Remember that outsourcing some of these social media tasks is worth it so you can do what makes you the most joy (and money) for your business.

  1. Accept that developing your socialization skills is vital to your business’ success. You can complain and moan about the cost of being social for your business. That will NOT help you run your business successfully. Accepting and working WITH the vital need to regularly be social will!

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