Daily Business Tasks – What Can You Outsource

Daily Business Tasks – What Can You Outsource?

What’s happening in your life? Your work day can be slammed with many daily business tasks but, what about personal life activities? Is there a lot simultaneously going on personally for you, too? Are you generally feeling overloaded? Feeling overloaded and/or overwhelmed causes stress. Excess stress can directly and negatively affect your health and your business success. To take care of yourself, consider outsourcing. After all, just because you CAN do something well doesn’t mean you HAVE to try and do everything.

What Daily Business Tasks Can You Outsource?

Do you understand how inconvenient you are making things on yourself when you try to be all things and do all things for all situations? Micromanaging your life can actually result in inefficiency. To improve productivity at work and give yourself time with family, outsourcing can improve things for you.

Yes, You Are Very Competent

When you outsource some daily business tasks that just make better sense for someone else to do, outsourcing is no reflection on your competency. Some people believe they must do everything otherwise they are admitting they are incompetent. This is a falsehood. Instead, the decision to delegate tasks is wise to time management.

The famous Canadian psychologist Dr. Brian Tracy explains that measuring the value by dollars and cents of the tasks you do helps you manage your time better. Those that manage their time well, which is a very small percentage of the population, succeed in their business. Here’s what this concept means.

Let’s suppose you’ve valued your expertise work task activity to be $25/hour. If you regularly do repetitive but necessary work tasks valued at minimum wage rates, you are ineffectively working. And you are making your business less profitable. It is better to outsource (i.e. delegate) the repetitive tasks to somebody else who is masterful at those tasks who accept minimum wage.

For greater clarity on delegating daily business tasks to someone with less education and/or a semi-retired senior who agrees to do these tasks, consider the task of opening mail. You have email and paper mail.

Scenario –
You receive paper mail. Mail needs to be opened and organized. Opening mail is a time-consuming task someone trustworthy could do for you. Suppose you are a lawyer or a medical doctor or you own a building construction company. Doing the daily business task of opening mail and/or email does not require the use of your law or medical doctor degree or your expertise in construction. In other words, you are spending time opening and sorting through your mail which is the time you could be using to create a law document or treat a patient or being on a construction site.

Find a trustworthy company or person to whom you can outsource daily business tasks. You especially need to find someone efficient and effective at marketing tasks. This is where you spend the highest percentage of your time – doing activities to attract in more clients/customers.

Be more productive. Outsource your marketing tasks to trained experts.

Working past deadlines cost you money! Fears about going over budget keep you from sleeping well at night. There is a lot on your mind as the owner of your own business. What can help you be more productive? Outsourcing!

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