Digital Marketing Basics for People New to America

Digital Marketing Basics for People New to America

Are you someone originally from a country different than America? It’s an exciting adventure, isn’t it just starting your online business and operating it from the USA? Welcome! After you get all your business administrative information completed, the next step is learning digital marketing basics.

Marketing activities will be the ones requiring the most substantial amount of your business investment dollar. So, prepare a marketing budget for the success of your company.

People need to know which market you serve. You serve your market by sharing your solution to their problem. Find a market to serve by getting the word out about your business online and offline.

Most companies market online. Knowing digital marketing basics & using those techniques helps your business become visible to the right people.

You might be wondering how to find & engage with people interested in your products and services. The first part of digital marketing basics is to have the mindset for it. Think “partnering” with your prospects and customers. You are here to partner with them.

Simple Summary Regarding Digital Marketing Basics

If you are new to America, understand that digital marketing basics begins with the following four basic ideas:

You start out your business as a new information source for those seeking your business solutions. By always thinking, “how can I provide service to my select market audience?” you focus on being a helpful resource.

If you don’t understand English very well, running a business can be difficult for you. Network and make new American friends who invite foreigners to participate in the American way of life. This can be the fastest way to get your business located in America operating successfully.


When running a business in the USA, publish a website. Today, a website is almost a basic necessity for any business globally. If you want to get business using the internet, you simply must have a website.


Business people use websites by publishing specific content on them. Content includes:

  • images
  • videos
  • text (also called copy)

Highly trained writers create a specific type of commercial/marketing writing for your website. These writers are called copywriters. This type of writing helps your website get on the first page of the online directory called Google.

If you do not know how to write marketing copy well, invest in the services of a trained and experienced copywriter. Why? Google will rank you higher in its directory when you publish what’s called contextually relevant content on your website.

That means if you sell counseling services but talk about unrelated things on your website in addition to your counseling services (like snowshoes for dogs), Google will move your listing down further in the directory. Since most people never search past page 1 or 2, you definitely want to publish contextually relevant copy on your site.


Paying for online ads such as PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads more quickly attracts potential customers. Create an advertising budget. Invest regularly in some form of paid online advertising. This will speed up your online success.


Most people have heard the term SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term meaning using a lot of the processes and steps to keep your business in front of the right target market audience. To use SEO effectively, you engage in many different actions. It is virtually the language that connects you with your markets online.

Yes, there is a lot to doing business in America. Don’t feel intimidated by running your business her. America is truly the land of many business opportunities!

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