Effortless Marketing for Small Business

Effortless Marketing for Small Business

People have problems, challenges and goals to achieve. They are already looking for your solutions to their problems. Why? Because they CAN’T do what you do to be free of their “personal hell” without your help. Each person is a potential customer who has the problem you can solve. Effortless marketing starts with choosing whom to serve. If you ONLY serve those who have the same problem you used to have but no longer have, and your solution is easy and works, choose to look for the same problem scenario you no longer have and serve those people still stuck in that scenario.

Your customers are experiencing specific concerns, challenges, problems or goals they want to achieve in specific scenarios. Within these certain scenarios, your solution gives them freedom from their “personal hell.” If you consistently look for and serve to make these scenarios improved the way you improved the same scenario for yourself, you engage in effortless marketing.

The main thing upon which to focus is becoming a trusted advisor and resource for that unique scenario. People only buy from someone they know, like and trust. So, be the master of improving a scenario in which people feel frustrated and you engage in effortless marketing for that scenario.

Effortless Marketing Begins By Choosing Whom To Serve

Every successfully business thoroughly knows their customer and the scenarios in which they play out their frustrations. Know what really matters to your ideal customers and give them what they want in the way they want it. See? Easy, simple and effortless marketing.

For example, if you know the way each market segment wants to improve their personal hell scenarios, explain how your business solution to their challenge gives them what they want in the way they want it.

For example, customers process their lives in 4 unique ways. This is actually the way the human brain perceives life. Those 4 unique ways of processing life situations are:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Appreciation for creative performance
  • Happy relationships

So, in at least one of these 4 ways serve your customer who experiences the scenario of wanting to be genuinely happy in life. Here are samples of how to convey your marketing message in 4 versions of the same scenario. Your marketing messages would sound something like this:


“Do you know the perfect way to be genuinely happy in your relationships? It is by being flexible and working with the differences in life instead of expecting everyone to be the same as everyone else. When you accept and work WITH the differences in people and the way they prefer to do things, you can be happier in your life.”


“Do you know the most efficient way to be genuinely happy in your relationships? It is by seeing what makes people tick and then working with their actual capabilities. After all, people are more than the work they can or cannot do. Their personal value cannot be based solely on their capabilities. People are more likely to feel happy and accept the way you are and work with you as you are when you accept them and expect of them only what they are capable of being … themselves!”

Appreciation for Creative Performance

“Do you know the most creative way to be genuinely happy in your relationships? It is by giving people credit due for their contributions. When you see someone perform well, give them credit for their creative contributions. You may be unaware of this but when you personally credit people for their accomplishments they see you as a genuine friend. People who see you as genuinely happy for them when they achieve accomplishments also consider you a friend. We can never have too many friends! So, if you really want to be happy in life, give them the credit they deserve. Doing so, they will see you as their hero!”

Happy Relationships

“Do you know the most enjoyable way to be genuinely happy in your relationships? It is by being themselves.

“Some people feel afraid of being real. They say yes to everyone but they don’t follow through. Folks who promise but don’t deliver actually create untrustworthiness. In business you need people to trust you. So, by specifically telling people what you will and will not do in your business, you set reasonable expectations and boundaries. If you want to be genuinely happy, be honest and real. Expect that some people will not like you being honest and respectful about what you are willing to do. However, those people are not actually interested in a happy relationship. Instead, they are interested in just getting their way.

We can never have too many genuine friends! So, if you really want to be happy in life, be real and respect yourself enough to explain what you will or will not do in your business. Doing so, you will create meaningful relationships with other people who naturally like and respect others for who they are!”

See how effortless marketing can be? Build better relationships by working with your target market in the WAY they want to be served!

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