Facebook Sponsored Ads vs Google AdWords

Facebook Sponsored Ads

There are many different ways to market an online business. Often, business owners consider doing some paid advertising. Done properly, paid advertising can drive a steady stream of a new customer, targeted traffic to your website. If done ineffectively, it can cost you a lot of money with little to show for it. This blog post covers some ideas about using Facebook Sponsored Ads compared with Google AdWords. Taking a close look at these two different methods can help you to decide which is best for you.

Advertising Budget

One of the first and most important considerations for advertising your business is the budget. Both Adwords and Facebook have the potential to be expensive. So, a lot of what you decide to do depends on your budget. Facebook Sponsored Ads tend to be less expensive than Adwords. But there is more than your budget to consider when choosing one over the other.

Facebook Target Audience

Over the years, Facebook has made some significant changes to its advertising platform. The ability to target specific segments of their users has improved. This has helped many businesses hone in on the right audience. This means they can get more out of the advertising dollars with Facebook. That being said, there are also going to be plenty of strays in the mix, and sometimes you are going to be reaching an audience that has no interest in what you have to offer.

Google AdWords Target Audience

Getting a mix isn’t the case with Adwords. Although it tends to be more expensive to reach each user, the ability to target those users through search has benefits that are easy to see. It may also be easier to track the results of your Adwords campaign, because of the very focused way that you are reaching your audience. It is important to use Adwords correctly, however, if you want to avoid reaching a related but uninterested audience.

This can be done with the use of negative keywords. This feature, which is unique to Adwords, allows you to filter out certain words or phrases that might be included in the query. Some of the more common negative keywords filter out freebie and job seekers and those who are just looking for general information.


At the end of the day, both Facebook Sponsored Ads and Google Adwords have a lot to offer to online businesses. When they are used properly and if you have a compelling offer. It is possible to see a significant amount of success when using either of those platforms. The real key is to choose the one that works the best for you and your unique needs. This might require some testing on your part.  However, when you can determine which works best for you, then you can ride that success to its ultimate goal.

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