Facebook Engagement Ideas Easy, Quick, Simple

Facebook Engagement Ideas Easy, Quick, Simple

Social media marketing online matters. That’s why it’s important to understand Facebook engagement ideas. When you engage knowing some sound basics, connecting with the right prospect and customer in the right way increases sales conversions.

What Are Some Effective Facebook Engagement Ideas?

The following list suggests simple ways you can engage in a contextually relevant way on Facebook. Imagine first that your main purpose for reaching out is to add value to your ideal prospect’s lives. What is the value you offer? If you don’t know what to post, as your market audience. They will tell you what really matters. When they do, give it to them. To determine what really matters to your market audience, use simple Facebook engagement ideas such as the following:

  1. Genuinely care about adding value to an exclusively specific audience
  2. Create a buyer persona or avatar for the exclusive market you target
  3. When you post on Facebook, keep in mind what really matters to your market via what’s in the avatar research
  4. When you engage think “how does this content add value to them?”
  5. Create brief, interesting, succinct videos for your target. Over half the world popular prefer videos for engaging.
  6. Think “entertainment” when you post. Remember Facebook is a SOCIAL platform. This is the place to stay engaged and entertain your market.
  7. Use cute or amazing animal videos (especially babies, dogs and horses) to connect with your market. Find a way to make an animal video relevant to your market. You CAN do it.
  8. Do something really unique so you can stand out to your target market.
  9. Engage and post pretty much between 11AM – 3PM. This seems to be the time to post according to research. Wednesday is the optimum day to post.
  10. When people comment or like,ask the posters thought-provoking questions. Start a conversation that adds value to their lives.
  11. Once you start a conversation with a poster keep at it. You can never have too many friends!
  12. Ask for feedback from posters. Use that feedback to start and engage in conversations and discussions that really matter to them.
  13. Ask your fans to share posts with others.
  14. Create and share contextually relevant lists. When it comes to content considered valuable, lists top the list! (Pun intended)
  15. If you share a list, make the content something uniquely available only from you. Think about how you can turn a list into a free giveaway ebook or audio.
  16. Think about how you can have watch parties with your group.
  17. As appropriate, offer to mentor your groups in something that really matters to them.
  18. When you post on Facebook, do it from your heart. When you love what you post, other people will also love it and share it.

When you are on Facebook, focus on being social because you want to help people in your niche. You can use any of these Facebook engagement ideas to be social with your tribe. Genuine relationships take time and effort. That’s all a part of being social.

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