How Do You Create Popular Websites?

How Do You Create Popular Websites

Popular websites are simple to understand. The content is also relevant to what really matters to the end user. They also typically can be understood by someone reading at an eighth-grade reading level. In other words, keep it simple and relevant to YOUR ideal site visitor.

Ever buy a new hair dryer or other appliance that comes with an instruction manual that seems to be written by a doctor of technology? You read through the instruction manual and scratch your head wondering what it means. Then, to top it all off, you turn it over and in size 6 font, the impossible to understand instructions are written in 12 foreign languages as well. You not only can’t understand the English instructions, you can’t read the other instructions with a magnifying glass.

Popular Websites Reveal Relevant, Simple to Understand Information

When you think of the website you most like, in your mind, what makes it so popular to you? The type of available information. It’s simple to navigate the different sections of the website. You want to use it as a trusted resource for your needs. When you see a website as containing contextually relevant, useful and simple to understand information, you see how popular websites become favorites.

Example of a Popular Website

Think of popular websites as containing content familiar to its visitors. For example, if you go to Weather dot com, you see useful, contextually relevant and simple to understand information there about the weather.

The weather content engages, excites, and gives information that keeps the ideal site visitor interested ONLY in the weather wanting to return to it repeatedly. THAT’S the same strategy to use on your website. This concept is one thing that makes popular websites.

What exactly is contextually relevant website information? It is information that really matters to your ideal prospect. These might be instructions about how to weed an organic garden with the least back strain. It might be content that helps your ideal site visitor make the best decision for cancer treatment. It could be understanding whether or not to research more information about medical marijuana. Whatever your expertise, you are talking directly to people interested in that specific topic.

For example, if your website is all about camping in the desert, it makes sense that your ideal prospect could be interested in a list of popular desert campgrounds. Helpful information could include links to public campgrounds, fees, typical seasonal weather temperatures to expect while there, how close the campground is to civilization, etc. If YOU were your ideal site visitor, what would really matter to you? Share what really matters to people interested in one specific topic. This is what would make your website most popular with desert campers.

Publish Different and Unique Content

Make your website popular by posting trivia. People LOVE to know the answer to useless and interesting things. That’s why the game show Jeopardy! has been running for so many years.

If your website is the only one on the web to provide unique information of interest to your target market, give it a sense of community by posting what can only be found on your website. The ideas are endless on how to make your website the most popular in the world!

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