How To Delegate Work

How To Delegate Work

Do you know how to delegate work? Most small business owners must wear many different hats to successfully run their business. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is often their middle name. However, just because you, the small business owner CAN do many things doesn’t mean you have to do everything. In fact, trying to do everything can be an ineffective way to use time and resources. Outsourcing can be the extra hand you need to keep your business running smoothly.

How To Delegate Work – Outsourcing Can Improve Productivity, Save Time and Resources

What are 3 main questions to answer when wondering whether or not to outsource concerns? Here they are:

  • time
  • resources
  • effect on productivity

Save Time, Use Resources Effectively, Improve Productivity

You can gain many benefits as you learn how to delegate work to others. Consider how efficiency and effectiveness can help you focus more on your products/services and providing better for your customers.

Suppose you are faced with several time-consuming workday tasks a minimum wage level worker could effectively do. Each of these tasks might be a qualifying task to outsource. In developing the skill of how to delegate work, write out a list of time-consuming but necessary tasks. Examples might include:

  1. Running simple errands – Some regularly run errands could be outsourced to Uber or permanently assigned to a trained virtual assistant.
  2. Reviewing emails –Think of the perhaps hundreds of emails you get each day. Most of them do not even need your attention. Yet, they clutter up your email box. This task could be outsourced to a trained remote marketing assistant. Once you train this experienced marketing assistant, you free up time to do other things only you truly can do.
  3. Creating, organizing and coordinating email campaigns – Yes, you might know how to write your own copy and create, organize and coordinate email campaigns. However, this time-consuming but necessary marketing task could better be outsourced to digital marketing experts. Do you really want to become an expert and donate the time and expertise to running your own email campaigns?
  4. Staying caught up on current events – Imagine knowing what really matters to your target market. That can include being current on news. This is a task you can outsource to a trained marketing assistant who knows how to research. (This person will probably even do a more effective job than you because a marketing research person naturally knows what news to follow for specific target audiences.)
  5. Making new connections with possible new prospects– You could outsource the task of looking for online networking opportunities to a marketing research assistant and copywriter. This marketing professional would look for new target marketing connections and write the engaging copy you just don’t have time to write. Then, this information could be combined into a report/spreadsheet and emailed to you. The copywriting could be written and sent to you for approval before being used in a marketing campaign.

Each business owner can identify possible tasks that he or she could delegate to others. When you think of your own business, what tedious but necessary tasks may be taking time away from you focusing on your products/services and customer care? These tasks are ones you could outsource. Consider taking time to list those tasks for your peace of mind. Imagine how to delegate work that could save your sanity and improve your bottom line. Think “outsourcing” even temporarily. What a great way to support your business success efforts.

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