How to Improve Customer Experience

Your customer is always right. Ever heard that saying before? If you are wondering how to improve customer experience, it needs to come from a place of service to your customer. How to do it? Basically, give them the experience of their dreams.

Typically, your customers come to you because they have specific concerns, challenges, problems or goals they want to achieve. Within these certain focuses and issues, they are experiencing life in a stressful or unsatisfying way. They don’t want to be managed, they want to be led in the direction where they can reach their own conclusion about what’s right for them. How can you help them make the best decisions? Provide great information in your marketing that appeals to them in your communications.

The main thing to focus upon is becoming a trusted advisor and resource. People only buy from those who know, like and trust you. So, it’s important to develop a genuine relationship with your market.

How to Improve Customer Experience – Know Your Customer

The truth is, every successfully business thoroughly knows their customer, knows what really matters to their customer and gives it to them. They know the way their customer wants to be served. Do you know the way your customer wants to buy your product or service? If so, deliver in their way. If you don’t know what that way is exactly, ask them. Once you ask them, and they tell you, then give it to them in that way.

For example, suppose you sell self-improvement programs. Your target market might prefer to receive training you offer in many ways such as…

  • audio recordings
  • video recordings
  • flash cards
  • ebooks
  • one-on-one coaching
  • group coaching
  • by email
  • by text messages

Customers come with certain likes, dislikes and biases. Scientific studies about the brain (for example, see Ned Herrmann’s The Creative Brain) prove that we all have unique ways of processing information. We either process like a computer with straight logic, using our listening ability or visually.

You may be interested in Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s research referred to as 7%-38%-55% on human communication. His eye-opening research reveals that humans process information only 7% of the time using the written word.

The next largest group (38%) process information in an auditory way by listening. That means, your audio programs interest 38% of the population. However, 55% of the population communicate using their visual ability. That means your videos appeal to the largest percentage of the population.  Think about what this means when it comes to understanding how to improve customer experience.

In keeping with our example, if you’ve made your self-improvement programs available only with ebooks, you are not reaching the largest percentage of the population. So, when you thoroughly know your customer and deliver your products and services to appeal to the auditory and visual population, you easily improve your customer experience!

Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe. Are you willing to incorporate different ways of delivering your amazing solutions? If so, using just these two technologies build a stronger relationship with your target market!

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