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Envision this scenario. Your business sells organic kitten food. Picturing four-legged, huggable, cute balls of feline love eating your delicious, nutrition-packed kitten food, you feel all warm and fuzzy. You LIVE to repeatedly feel this warm and fuzzy feeling about kitties as does EVERY kitty owner.  So, you publish a free, online series of kitty-care videos. For your unique videos to get clicks by kitty owners, you need to create a memorable video thumbnail. The thumbnail helps your video stand out and be more clickable than your competitor’s videos.

Now, imagine doing all that dreaming and video-publishing to show kitty owners how to have happy, healthy, vibrant kitties. But nobody sees those videos because you didn’t know how to create a really good video thumbnail.  Well, that’s just no fun at all, is it?

Luckily, there’s an easy fix to this plot against healthy kitties and happy kitty owners. Read on. In no time at all, you’ll be making clickable thumbnails that make a statement in the online video kitty world.

Memorable Video Thumbnail Tips

Brand your video. Branding your video using a unique company image helps you stand out from your competition. Think of a customized video thumbnail like it’s a book cover to your videos. It helps viewers instantly identify that this is a video from your company.

Consistently use a recognizable image. When people see your company’s video thumbnail image, fans of your delicious kitty food know it is something they want to watch. Your consistent video thumbnail helps you to be identified with adorable, cute, fluffy kitties who LOVE your kitty food (or your unique product/service.)

Clear picture. Make sure your video’s thumbnail contains a clear, in focus picture. Also, use an image that contributes to relevantly conveying your company’s message for trustworthiness, reliability.

Meaningful message. Aim to provide thumbnail content that meaningfully conveys what you want to convey. When people see the thumbnail, it would be great if they went “Awww.” Images that inspire feelings helps connect your videos with your viewers.

Appropriate size. When using an image, assure that it is the appropriate size for the thumbnail. A huge or teeny-tiny picture won’t do.  Check on Google to see what an appropriate pixel size image is to get it the way that works best for ranking purposes, especially for mobile devices.

 Use Close-up Images
Something like 65% of people lives and die using their smartphone. I wonder how many people watch videos on them? For this reason alone, close-up shots of video thumbnails have a better chance of being watched if your fans can actually see the video images. When it comes to thumbnails, think “close-ups.”

 Be Colorful
There is a psychology of colors in marketing. Google more about this to understand why vibrant colors engage video fans. Remember to use the psychology of colors in your thumbnail.

 Show People’s and Pet’s Faces
Humans love to interact. It seems instinctive that we like to see people’s faces. Use this idea in your images.

 Provide Contextually Relevant Text
Your thumbnail conveys a message. Especially if you create a video series about something, the text is necessary. Remember to use it thinking “less is more.”  Only use the least amount of words if possible in your video thumbnail.  It can be a kind of the tease to click on the video. 

  • Have Fun Being Creative!

Enjoy making your thumbnail. It will show how much you like sharing your unique message to your fans.

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