Include Integrity As One Company Brand Ingredient

Include Integrity As One Company Brand Ingredient

“I promise.” Do you use these words in your company brand? By delivering what you say you will deliver, you are using integrity in your business. What does integrity look like in the mind of your prospects and customers? Images of desired outcomes as a result of using your product.

Your product can be big or small. It doesn’t matter. The thing that DOES matter is using integrity in your brand. Be trustworthy and your customers will tell their friends. See in your mind that your prospects want. Talk to THAT perception and honestly create an experience so your customers can live out their dreams.

We see in our mind what we hear. In other words, when we think of an idea or hear an idea, we often conjure up mental images of believing in that idea. So, for example, suppose you are a contractor who builds homes for people. Your reputation precedes you as a credible, easy-to-work-with person who builds quality homes. How does integrity become a part of the mental picture of the integrity you include in your business? It appears in your marketing copy with visually active words like this …

“When you awaken the day after you’ve moved into your new home, you feel calm and relaxed. Your eyes pop upon and a childlike giggle spontaneously bubbles up from your lips as you stretch to put on the new day …

“There’s a certain unexplainable excitement and joy in your heart about being in your new home as you lie there in your comfy, cozy bed. You turn your head and face the bedroom window. The sun streams through a slit in the drapes as if it is lovingly peeking in on you just at that moment to catch a glimpse of your cheery face.”

“As you drape your robe around your shoulders and pajamas, you glide your feet into your slippers. You can barely believe you’re now the owner of a new home! That excitement of being a homeowner finds no bounds. You swing open your bedroom door and decide to go out and sit in the living room to have a delicious cup of coffee for a few minutes before you get ready to go to your job in the city …

“A genuinely happy home feels like infinite peace as you stand in front of your living room’s 6 x 6-foot picture window. You easily gaze out over the meadow in your front yard enjoying the scene of happy little bluebirds, sparrows and finches flitting here and there.

“Your happy home … is nirvana … brought to you by Len Williams Builders!”

A Company Brand With Integrity Establishes Trust

In the very descriptive marketing copy before this paragraph, you describe your target market’s dream using integrity. Businesses that include integrity as a part of their company brand endure the test of time. Think about this the next time you promote your company brand. Make sure to deliver on promises made and your business will surely succeed.

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