Internet Marketing – Motivating Customers To Take Action

Internet Marketing – Motivating Customers To Take Action

People feel motivated to act for various reasons. When it comes to motivating customers to buy, talk to their desire to FEEL happy in a certain situation. How does that happen? By understanding what really matters to them.

Motivating Customers Means Engaging Meaningfully With Them

Suppose you sell high ticket items like a car. Buying a car is a lengthy process because the buyer needs to understand why he or she needs to buy a car. For the sales person he or she needs to understand what drives the person to finally buy a new car. Once you really understand what matters to your prospects, give it to them in the WAY they want it. For our car buyer, the sales person needs to build a caring, meaningful, trustworthy relationship with the prospective buyer. That means engaging meaningfully with your prospect. Engaging meaningfully also means you only sell a car that really solves the prospect’s pain.

Why are you in business? To serve people. You serve people by showing you genuinely care about them. So, in our example, suppose a prospective car buyer comes into your store. What’s the first thing you can do to start building trust with this person?

Being your real, true self. Being your true self, show that you care by suggesting the best solution for the situation. This might also mean that your commission is lower but it will be a good way to run your business and build trust with your target.

The car buying customer is in some type of pain. Talk to that pain and show how buying a new car eliminates that pain. First, it is necessary to identify the prospect’s “pain” that drives themto go out looking for a new car. When you really understand their pain, you can suggest which car will best eliminate that pain. When you can provide the vehicular pain relief your prospects seek, these people know you really care about them.

How do you identify a prospect’s pain? You talk as if YOU have had that SAME pain. Use your imagination. If you were in some type of emotional pain which drove you to go buy a new car, what would drive you to get that new car? When you can relate to your prospect’s pain, and talk about how you eliminated that same pain, you are motivating customers to take action like you did in the same (or very similar) situation.

Okay, so after you go through this mental rehearsal, write down the questions that came to your mind about what’s driving your pain. Then, ask your prospects these same types of questions that reveal what’s at the heart of the emotional pain.

When it comes to motivating customers, people may not remember your name in a few months. But, they WILL remember how you made them FEEL during the car buying process.

Be an active, caring listener. That means when the prospect is talking, you are not. Write down what the prospect is saying really matters to him or her. Use this information in a way that works for your prospect. This is another key factor in motivating customers to take action.

Don’t be pushy but be assertive. Talk about benefits to your prospect of buying a certain car that really does fit that person’s needs.

Answer your prospect’s questions truthfully in a way that your answers keep supporting what really matters to your prospect. The only way you can find out what really matters to your prospect is to ask him or her up front!

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