Is Your Website a Popular Information Center?

Is Your Website a Popular Information Center

Imagine that you are touring a foreign country. You need to know how to get to a certain destination. Where do you go to get answers to get to your desired destination? An information center!

To site visitors, your website could be compared to a foreign country. They are strangers in a new place. They are looking for useful info about how to get to specific destinations or achieve certain goals.

They are already looking for something specific. If you can talk specifically to the thing that matters most in their mind, you are seen as a valued information center.

When you designed your website, did you look at it like you were creating an important resource for your specific target audience? If not, doing that now might be a good exercise.

A Valued and Trusted Information Center Is Like Finding a New Trustworthy Friend!

Imagine feeling desperate to find answers that improve your target audience’s experience. Let’s suppose that you specialize in selling wheelchairs for handicapped people. The people visiting your website want answers RIGHT NOW. They have thoughts keeping them awake at night. YOU can help them sleep better when you provide answers concerning issues that really matter to them.

If your website contains answers they seek, they will visit more often. You WANT that to happen because the more often people return to your website, the more likely they will become customers.

So, suppose they already bought a wheelchair from one of your competitors BUT they didn’t buy a maintenance contract for the chair. If you have articles about how to maintain a wheelchair, you have provided valuable information to them.

What else could you do to show them you really want to help them effectively and efficiently save money and frustration regarding wheelchair maintenance? How about creating a checklist of parts of the wheelchair that need regular attention?

Maybe talk about wheels that need to be cleaned regularly or talk about natural cleaners for the seat of the wheelchair. Providing a specialized checklist about wheelchair maintenance makes your website an information center unlike your competitors.

Is there something else you could do to make the experience of visiting your website perceived as highly valuable to them? What about creating other checklists for something related to what a handicapped person needs?

Popular websites are successful for simple reasons. They provide useful information that really helps the target audience. Believe it or not, millions of website owners are not seen by potential customers because they don’t know how to talk the language of “solutions” in their website content. Thus, they go unnoticed.

Basically, look at the content on your website. It’s best to say something like, “Do you struggle with (whatever a common problem is for your target audience.)?” Let’s suppose it’s related to having a wheelchair. So, it might say something like, “Do you notice the ride in your wheelchair seems to be rougher lately? If so, have you looked at the wheels on your chair today? One solution to a smoother ride might be as simple as using lithium grease on the axle. If you don’t know how to grease your wheels, we can help you with that!”

When you talk about solutions to your target audience’s common and frustrating problems, you make your website a valuable information center to them. After all, serving your market well is what successful business is all about!

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