Keyword Research Ideas for Best Local SEO

Keyword Research Ideas for Best Local SEO

When it comes to buying, your ideal target market audience thinks in either local or global keywords. Depending upon the product or service a business offers, you, too, must think like your ideal prospect. But what are best local SEO keywords for your market segments? By standing in the shoes of your target market and thinking like them, you get some useful ideas.

Prospect Worries and Best Local SEO Tips

What are common prospect interests in your immediate area in the market segments you serve? Talk about these interests they may keep them from sleeping well at night. When you talk about your answers to these issues, concerns or worries, reveal that you specialize in providing incontinent solutions to the LOCAL population. Capitalize your “localness” in your marketing and SEO efforts.

Start By Listing Out What Your Products/Services Are

Clarity helps you see what to provide for your local buyers and potential buyers. First, write out on paper the products and services you sell. Then answer some simple questions about your offer:

Who NEEDS/WANTS/USES your products and services?

How can you best serve THOSE who typically use your products/services?

What’s the specific value to your customers in providing these exact products/services locally?

By answering these simple questions, you can get clarity of how to promote what you offer using the best local SEO. Once you have more clarity on your offer, then keep moving forward. The easiest way to explain this is to give you an example.

Suppose you are a disposable incontinent product supply company. About 250,000 baby boomers and their aging parents live in your local area. That is a LOT of customers to service.

You choose to specialize on serving this market segment because the incontinent products are disposable. Disposable products must regularly be re-ordered.

In your marketing, talk about being a local supplier that discreetly and quickly delivers incontinent products. What you DO can be a keyword. Just add your local city name before the keyword and that helps your SEO – Phoenix Discreet and Quick Incontinent Products.

What might the caregiving baby booming children worries/issues concerns be regarding taking care of their aging and incontinent parents? Understanding these issues can be a reason to create a supplemental product for the market segment. Here are some ideas:

  • Being able to convince a parent to accept that something needs to be done about their incontinence (one product you can offer is a free book or series of brief videos about how to control bladder muscle strength. A best local SEO tip could be to promote this book or video series locally on a business card. Contact local group homes about this training. This can lead to a new customer when you focus on adding value to the group home residents.)
  • Offer a “free fitting” consultation to wearingin continent products to local assisted living establishments. You could promote/offer this free service on your website and also on your business cards when you go to businesses that service seniors. Make sure to talk about the benefits to the end user of wearing a correctly fitting incontinent product.
  • The cost to provide a regular supply of incontinent products
  • Return policies, especially after the incontinent one passes and no longer requires your products.

Think about specializing in something greatly wanted locally. Nowadays, people want things FAST. Local might be the fastest way for your market segment. So, take advantage of the value in locally providing your particular business solutions.

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