Keyword Research Tip for Better SEO

Keyword Research Tip for Better SEO

Your ideal target market prospect thinks in a sort of private logic to him or herself. When doing a search for something online, whether it be a physical product or a service, think about prospect worries. Your target market is doing it. So, to more easily connect with how to serve your market, worry like they do. In other words, to improve your website SEO content, look at the words that make up your target market’s private logic language in terms of worries.

Worries are the most common emotional driver to people doing keyword research. Looking to satisfy worries simply makes sense to your target audience. So, when you go to do keyword research, before you type in that keyword, think about the worries of your target audience. Put those keywords in the search box and improve your SEO efforts.

Focus On Your Target Market Worries for Better SEO Content

We all are focused on ourselves. All humans think the way they do from a worried mindset when they do a keyword search. Think about this simple idea for yourself when you do a search.

Imagine that you are worried you’ll be without your favorite gel pen pretty soon unless you get more ahead of the time you’ll run out. When you go online to search for the best deal on gel pens, you often use a worried mindset to find what you want. It is because you are thinking thoughts in this present moment hoping to avoid feeling disappointed in the future about being without something you always want right now.It’s a brain thing involving your ability to critically analyze information.

When you want something, you privately think, “I’m worried I will have a lapse in gel pen service unless I get some more pens right now. That way, I can get a continuous gel pen service in the future AND right now.”

If you understand how the brain works, think about how we develop habits. Habits in the brain result from thinking the same thoughts. You actually feel secure when the thinking patterns you use remain constant and consistent. So, when it comes to keyword research and SEO content, keep these interesting brain functioning applications in mind. You can use them to actually think like your target market.

Google and humans either feel attracted to or repelled by keywords when visiting any online SEO content. The specific words either do or do not interest prospects. For example, if you are looking for gel pens you want a brand name or brand identity with which you associate something familiar to you. All humans do this. We simply are looking for words we WANT and LIKE to hear. When things are familiar to you, you feel emotionally secure.

In keyword research, we type in these words specifically appealing to ourselves. That’s because of these brain functioning programs. When we get an online search response we like, that response actually triggers a neurochemical response within our brains. We then associate a certain FEELING with those words. If we like the feeling a lot, we keep doing what we are doing to keep FEELING the feeling we like.

When we do an online search, we are also using testosterone. Yes, even women use testosterone to achieve goals. Having balance brain chemistry for both men and women makes effective stress management possible. Mentally processing a keyword research while feeling confident we’ll get what we want is a success-oriented way to engage in a useful goal achievement process. Once you achieve your goal, you stop feeling worried!

So, the next time you do keyword research, to improve your website’s SEO content, type in the worries of your ideal prospect. Once you know what they’re worried about, give them the solution that reduces or eliminates the worry!

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