Know Your Customer Avatar for Best Local SEO

Know Your CustomerAvatar for Best Local SEO

When it comes to serving your market’s needs, it is necessary to think like your ideal prospect. To do this, it is effective to use all the details of your customer avatar also known as a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a document that includes a list of common keywords and characteristics most likely used in your market audience’s thought and speech patterns. When you communicate and market with them, it is best to speak the same language that makes sense to your target market. In other words, to get the best local SEO, think like your ideal prospect/customer and use the same terms they use in their search efforts. Use these words in all marketing content. This includes copy on your website as well.

Use Customer Avatar Details as the Voice That Speaks to Your Market Audience

Imagine talking with men and women as potential prospects. Women most likely will be buyers for different reasons that men buyers. This phenomenon is simply a matter of how the male brain works compared with how the female brain works. The communication systems between both genders are similar to one another, about 90% the same. That means there is a 10% difference. It is by working with this 10% difference that you can work with an effectively formatted customer avatar for the best local SEO.

For example, suppose people locally are farmers. The female farmer grows crops for some different reasons compared with the male farmer. Suppose in your customer avatar for females, they are focused all on how natural those crops are. In fact, the female farmer plants heirloom seeds. These seeds are non-GMO. The female farmer is more focused on growing organic, safe to eat, full of nutrition food. That is her unique selling proposition.

The male farmer is also interested in growing safe crops. However, he may be more focused on making money from the crops as the first priority and the food being nutritionally packed as a lesser priority. These differences would be something you’ve listed in your customer avatar. The male farmer would probably sell his vegetables by offering the best price deal.

As you review the customer avatar information, how will the local female farmer sell her crops? She may promote that the vegetables at her stand are locally grown, organic, non-GMO. These are the values of her offer she imagines are the same “vegetable/fruit values”to her ideal prospect/customers because that’s what matters most to HER. If this is her marketing approach, she will most likely attract women who also are looking for this type of advertised food quality for her family.

Let’s compare this with the male farmer. His approach might be that his food is also organic and grown from heirloom seeds BUT his greatest selling point is the price. The approach to the best local SEO depends on knowing the specific economic demographics of the area and what really matters to your customer avatar.

Think about specializing in something greatly wanted locally. Record this in the details of your customer avatar and use it to your business’ benefit.

The bottom line here is to take the time to create an effective buyer persona for each market segment in your niche. Doing so, you can figure out the best approach for your local SEO marketing efforts.

Now, here’s something else to know … you would use the same approach for a global SEO campaign. The key to your success here is creating a useful customer avatar whatever your marketing reach is!

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