Making a Niche Market Video Content Series

Making a Niche Market Video Content Series

Suppose you sell golf equipment. In your blog posts, you talk all about things that help reduce frustration and improve their score for people who golf. The written word is great to convey instruction to improve a golf swing (or virtually any training program), but have you considered creating a video content series to go with your blog post about how to improve a golfer’s score? Now think about your own product as you continue to read this post all the way to the end.

Video Content and Marketing Segments

In 1976, UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian revealed the results of a study regarding human communication. He reported on his now-famous “7%-38%-55% rule” for communication. Simply summarized, he discovered that about 7% of the population predominantly communicates and interprets his or her world mainly through the written word FIRST before engaging the other ways we communicate.

An unbelievable 38% interprets their world first via hearing and an amazing 55% communicates first through visual means. Each of us typically has a primary and secondary way of communicating. So, understanding these brain design predominant communication modes is crucial in regards to marketing your products and services.

Using these statistics for marketing means that by using the 1)written words (blogs, website copy, articles, etc.,) a person reads, 2)an audio file so people can hear and 3)video, you clearly convey your message. When the person gets your point, they 4)feel connected. People only buy from those they know, like and trust. So, delivering your content in the right way is important to the life of your business.

Since 55% of the population communicates using the visual sense, wouldn’t it make sense to create a video content version of your message? This applies to free content as well as content you sell. In alignment with this “7%-38%-55% communications rule” research, think about how you could better serve each of your niche market segments with your offers in a more completely communicated way.

The brain thinks in terms of words, numbers, symbols, images and feelings. Since all humans have a brain, we all use these mental ways of communicating (i.e. receiving and sending information.) Brain functioning research shows that the brain part that understands the world using words, numbers and symbols also understands the world in the 38% market segment, auditory (and maybe straightly logical like a computer.) These are the people born into the world processing information initially using their auditory sense and then with the other senses.

This market segment most naturally understands their world using their left-brain hemisphere. The left brain hemisphere is most closely associated with using the conscious, decision-making mind. The only way a person takes action is if he or she first clearly understand your offer AND the benefits of your offer. This understanding is clearer using all the ways the brain mentally conveys your message.

In alignment with this scientifically proven information, do you have an audio version AND a video version of your products? This audio market segment does not naturally communicate first through the visual or the feelings senses. Their brain is actually hardwired to HEAR an idea first, THEN perhaps, create mind images to support what they hear. What does this mean regarding your products?

If you only offer ebooks or the written word as a way of delivering your content, this market segment will only reluctantly buy your ebooks. Why? Because it’s a struggle to process information through the written word for them. Know somebody who does not like to read? These are the auditory processors. They like to LISTEN instead of reading information.

How large is this segment in your niche? Nobody knows because new members enter your market every day.

The simple solution? Create your content also in a video form. Videos use words, audio and video. Thus, it covers a potential buyer using both the left and right brain hemispheres (both the conscious and subconscious minds) in a buying decision.

How come they don’t teach this type of research in school? Good question! The bottom line is this – consider creating a video content series of your products in addition to only ebooks.

You may discover that creating video content in a paid and unpaid version of your products helps drive traffic and customers more easily to you. Sound good? Looks like it could be a real solution. Feel right? If so, it may compute to create a video content series for improved sales conversion and profit.

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