Marketing Ideas – Adding Value To Your Target Market Audience

Marketing Ideas – Adding Value To Your Target Market Audience

Imagine a prospect coming to your website wanting to buy your delicious barbeque sauce. Because you believe in adding value to your customer’s quest for great barbequing, you offer special package deals on more than 1 bottle. This is an example of adding value to your target market audience.

Offering package deals add value to your business offers. When you focus on enhancing the barbequing experience for your customers, they keep coming back for more. If you serve your market with the attitude of adding value to your customers, you build a reputation for truly caring about them. People buy from those they know, like and trust. So, think about unique ways you can add value to your customer’s lives and improve your business.

Love Your Target Market Audience

Think about what motivates your customers to take action on your special packages. It might be price but it might also be due to your genuine caring to provide them with an excellent, memorable experience with your barbeque sauce (or whatever your business is.)

But wait! There’s more!

You are playing the “keep my customers” game as all businesses do. So, for your really loyal customers, you might introduce a “frequent shopper” program for your delicious sauce. If your products are selling like hotcakes, you have listened to what your customers want and give it to them. In other words, you appeal to what really matters to your target market audience. You do this by thinking like them.

So, you have created a really great shopping reward system. For those who frequently buy your barbecue sauce, suppose after buying a certain amount of your product, you actually mail them a reward. Let’s say that reward is a chef’s apron for the times they barbecue.

People LOVE getting gifts that are contextually relevant to their activities. For those who love to cook outside on the grill, how about having a special time of year where you celebrate grilling? Ask your customers to join in on a contest that spotlights their proudest grilling projects. The one that sends in a digital picture of the tastiest looking food gets their picture published on your “wall of pride” page on your website.

So, now you are finding lots of ways to engage with them. You are doing what you love doing, supporting your customers who love to grill food AND inviting them into your special grilling club. This engagement adds value to their experience at the barbecue.

People LOVE to belong to special interest groups. By adding value to your target market audience and what really matters to them, you are also developing meaningful, long term relationships. A successful business is all about genuine relationships. When your customers get their pictures published on your website, it gives them a reason to keep coming back to your website. It also gives them a reason to tell friends to come to your website.

Inviting your fans to be part of your barbequing family adds value to their lives. They develop sentimental value to your website. See how this works?

Stay focused on adding value to your target market audience by sincerely serving them in inviting ways. It makes running your business a joy and success!

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