Marketing Ideas – Connecting With Customers

Marketing Ideas – Connecting With Customers

You most easily connect with customers by talking about at least one common interest you share with your target audience. This activity is actually simple. It is similar to what you did when you were a little kid at recess. You just said, “Hey, you want to go swing on the swings?” and the kid you were talking to said, “Sure!” Off you went connecting through a common interest. Do the same thing in your business and you are connecting with customers!

Connecting With Customers Can Happen Using Demographics

We all understand what demographics are, right? Simply put, they are a method to categorize common interests with our customers. A simple list of common “demographics” (let’s call the demographics because they can be common interest gems – LOL!) Some demographic categories might be…

  1. An age range of your most likely prospect
  2. The geographic location in which you may find your most likely prospect
  3. A common gender for your products or services
  4. The most common income level range associated with your offers
  5. The most common educational level associated with your products/services
  6. The most common marital or family status for your target market
  7. A common occupation or career field associated with your specific offers
  8. Perhaps common culture or ethnic background of your ideal prospect
  9. Some common associations, clubs, groups or memberships shared with your target
  10. Similar or same life experiences commonly associated with your target audience

Of course, there are more demographic categories you could use looking for common interests. Whatever you have in common with your target, start talking and build genuine business relationships.

Note: You don’t want to pursue potential prospects who simply have no interest in talking about a solution to a problem that does NOT affect them, right? That would just bore them. Connecting with customers does begin with common interests and their accompanying problems and challenges.

Common Viewpoints

You can also connect with people on a deep level by understanding that the human brain actually thinks in 4 unique brain languages or thinking styles. Check out a copy of Ned Herrmann’s The Creative Brain from your library. After reviewing this massive research, you may get some ideas about how to find the right type of person interested in your business solutions to his or her problem.

These thinking styles are like features in a computer program rather than personality traits. What are these 4 unique brain perspectives? The key elements could be summarized thusly:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Relationships
  • Feeling Appreciated

Accuracy – Like things to be perfect? So do people who like to analyze. If your niche is accounting or something to do with precision, ask your target market about problems or challenges preventing accuracy and preciseness. Do you have a solution to their inaccuracy concerns? That solution preventing precision will be a common interest to them.

Efficiency – Prefer things to be efficient, orderly and planned out? So do doctors, lawyers and managers. These people focus on getting to the bottom line. Ask them about common problems preventing productive efficiency. It frustrates them to no end! Do you have solutions to eliminate or improve inefficiency? Talk about your ideas to them. They are all about that!

Friendly relationships –Millions of people are very focused on establishing and maintaining compatible relationships. They love conversing and exchanging personal details. Making a personal, emotional connection is how they feel interested in what you have to say. Do you have solutions that really work for relationship conflict resolution? Talk about those ideas to them. They are all about getting along with others.

Feeling appreciated for performance and creative contributions – Finally, the 4th type of thinking style is all about creativity and feel appreciated for that creative performance. Know people who LOVE being the center of attention and seen as a hero? This type of customer thrives on hearing genuine praise and appreciation for exceptional performance. Talk with this type of customer as if he or she is the hero. You’ll surely increase the chances of making the sale by doing so.


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