Marketing Ideas – Create Checklists to Attract Customers

Marketing Ideas – Create Checklists to Attract Customers

In this series of blog posts revealing simple marketing ideas, did you know that your customers love getting and staying organized? They do! A simple marketing activity you can do is create checklists. Checklists help customers and prospects be able to perform tasks that really matter to them in a predictable, repeatable, measurable way. Sharing checklists can be a wonderful strategy to stay connected to your target audience.

People can easily be successful at what they do by following a system. A system helps them complete processes that lead to desired goals. Help fans achieve desired goals and you appear as a trustworthy resource! Creating checklists can be a great system to repeat success.

Simple Marketing Ideas Can Include Creating and Sharing Checklists

Let’s face it, we are OVERWHELMED with information. There are a LOT of businesses doing the same thing. So, how can you set your business apart from the competition? Be uncompetitive by uniquely serving your target audience doing something nobody else in your niche is doing. This can be providing checklists that help your target market make informed decisions to achieve desired goals.

When you create a checklist to complete a task perceived as very important to your target audience, think of a beginner. Beginners might easily feel overwhelmed and disorganized doing something new and different. This is where a checklist comes in handy for them. Having a checklist to achieve a goal is almost like you being there. So, make your checklists step-by-step actions beginners find user friendly.

A checklist gives succinct, bottom line, summarized action steps for staying focused on achieving a goal common in your niche. For example, suppose you sell promotional items to businesses. Think of a small business entrepreneur about to host a vendor table at a huge convention. A “before, during and after convention checklist” can help your customer experience the best possible outcomes of the experience. One of those actions steps in a checklist for hosting a vendor table is to remember to give away the promotional items you custom made for your customer.

What action items might be in a “before convention” checklist? How about a “during convention” checklist? Finally, what ideas would be in an “after convention” checklist? These three checklists would provide focus, clarity and improved productivity before, during and after the convention.

What would be important tasks to do before the convention? This would be a list of items the table vendor would need to complete before arriving at the convention. If the vendor intends to sell items, ask what those items are in an inventory type fashion on a checklist.

For example, If the vendor sells jewelry, he or she needs to list items the vendor is planning to take. The checklist could contain three columns. The first column would be a place to write in a number for each item the vendor packs. The second column would be used as a “close of convention” inventory. The third column would be where the vendor would write the name of each individual item he or she intends to sell at the show.

Other items to list on the checklist would include things like remembering to take food and water while at the booth, cell phone, marketing materials, promotional materials, remembering to gas up the vehicle, etc. You would apply this idea to each segment of the entire convention experience to complete the during and after convention checklists.

See how using simple marketing ideas like this one can help you develop a reputation as a trusted business resource? People buy only from those they know, like and trust. How else could you use the idea of creating and sharing checklists work to build your business reputation to attract customers? The possibilities are unlimited!

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