Marketing Ideas – Customer Challenges Your Offers Solve

Marketing Ideas – Customer Challenges Your Offers Solve

Close your eyes for a moment. Recall a fond memory of being someplace where you feel welcome and wanted. You are with others who really understand what matters to you. Read in today’s blog post about using winning marketing ideas. These are essentially ideas that trigger feelings within your site visitors that they are born winners.

Apply the idea that you consider your ideal prospects to be winners. Implement this theme to your website or blog. It is a simple way to act social.

Incorporate this idea to yourself personally, feeling like you are a winner just because you are a human. When you go someplace where you feel like a winner with others who accept you for who you are, you feel wanted and loved. Your customers and clients want this same feeling when they visit your website or blog. Give this experience to them and build a meaningful business relationship with them in your online content.

Use Marketing Ideas That Trigger Good Feelings In Your Fans

People like certain interests. They naturally feel more like socializing with people who like what they like. Apply this simple concept to your website or blog. Using this basic concept in your marketing ideas keeps prospects and customers motivated to return often to your website. After all, by seeing customers and prospects as friends we want to enjoy life, they become that in our relationships with them.

It’s pleasant to be with those who share common interests. Think about this idea when it comes to your offers that solve customer challenges. Being social is important in building a relationship with your target audience. Once you build trust that you are in business to serve your customers, share information that solves customer challenges.

Your customers seek genuine happiness as everyone does. Let your website or blog be a place of happiness. With each new piece of content, share ideas that support niche happiness. This means, providing new or different approaches to resolving common problems and challenges with which your customers suffer.

For example, suppose your typical prospect considers being WITHOUT the latest software program for (X) as his or her private hell. Provide products, services and lots of free information on your website that suggest ways to eliminate that pain.

The free information you share is not done to SELL. It is shared to educate, inform, advise and guide your (business friends – i.e., target audience) to get relief from some type of pain. When you feel free of pain, you are engaged in a win. However, just as any “wound/pain” takes time to heal, getting to pain free living is a process often with several steps to it.

Just as you would provide loving guidance to an aging parent with dementia make an informed decision, guide your ideal prospects so they can make good decisions about how to be truly happy. Outline each step of your problem-solving process that permanently or greatly improves and gives pain relief from their misery. Doing so, you build trust, credibility, liabilities and many ingredients to a successful business relationship.

Your offers solve (give to your customers) what they lack. So, if someone wants more time to do (X), share content about how doing something to improve time management helps your customers. Or, if they want more money, share information that either earns or saves them money. Or, if they want to be healthier, share thoughts on how doing one simple thing can improve their health naturally.

Whatever it is your customers want, you can use simple marketing ideas like those found in this blog post to be there for your customers. This is key to being a successful business!


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