Marketing Ideas – Diagnosing Challenges Stressing Your Customers

– Diagnosing Challenges Stressing Your Customers

People feel more motivated to act when they are in pain than for any other reason. Think like a doctor. Be a diagnostician for your niche talking about common challenges and problems and solutions to them. Simple marketing ideas like thinking like a doctor for your business can provide excellent online prospect engagement content.

I’ve seen many marketers use complicated marketing techniques. Complicated processes repel prospects and potential customers. So, I encourage you to keep things simple for your fans and believers. Write content the way your customers think.

Easy marketing ideas like this result in your publishing contextually relevant content. When content is relevant, your niche sees it as very shareable. Shareable content can be very good because it has a higher potential for going viral. The more people who see your useful content, the more you increase your credibility and chance of sales.

Marketing Ideas That Include Becoming A Niche Issue Diagnostician

People who take action are the ones CONSCIOUSLY aware of a problem or challenge exists AND want to improve it. Those who are focused on improved productivity are like a doctor’s patient. The patient is in some sort of pain. He or she wants to eliminate the pain. This same process could be used for marketing any product or service.

Can you diagnose a common niche pain serious enough to negatively alter a prospect’s life? If so, you can build a meaningful relationship. Meaningful relationships are the start of developing trust with your market.

So, imagine having a pain that refuses to let go of you. That pain could be compared to your personal hell. Just for a moment, imagine such a pain. It is often emotional in combination with physical. “Take action” people prefer to keep moving. Understand this simple principle of action takers (natural buyers.) Focus on how to improve productivity for prospects and customers in “common niche pain.” Doing so you show yourself to be a “take action” and trusted problem-solving resource.

When you show you know how to effectively, efficiently and quickly solve a problem causing inefficiency (inconvenience, time-wasting, money-wasting, relationship-compromising, negatively affecting health, etc.) you also show you can reduce stress in your prospects/customers. Suggest a relief solution to them! Then, mention your relevant products or services that provide relief!

How to be a diagnostician for a common, unsolved problem in your niche? Ask questions that reveal all the basics of the problem/challenge AND the quick and effective solution to it.

For example, suppose you sell socks for people who pronate. If you ask a chiropractor who works with athletes, he or she will tell you a large percentage of the population pronate. These people need extra support, especially as they age, to prevent breaking bones in the arch of their feet. So, in this case, the common challenge to address is a solution to naturally prevent or reduce the incidence of broken foot arches.

What else needs to be identified in this niche? Create some questions that ask how the “pain” of breaking an arch…

  • could negatively affect those who pronate
  • could cause a LOT of pain which might wind up being life-altering
  • could be prevented by implementing a simple solution (your special pronation-prevention socks!)
  • can be lessened or completely bypassed by being proactive about the situation
  • how your “pronate prevention sock” products have helped thousands just like the others in the niche

By guiding your ideal prospect through the diagnosing process, they will stay with you. You build trust by diagnosing like a doctor. People only buy from those they know, like and trust. So, what do you think about becoming a diagnostician for your business offers? Imagine the possibilities!

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