Marketing Ideas – Do You Believe The Same Beliefs as Your Customer?

Marketing Ideas – Do You Believe The Same Beliefs as Your Customer

Do you know your customer? If so, you know their beliefs and you align with them. If you do NOT know your customers and what really matters to them, your sales numbers show it.

How Your Beliefs Relate to Customer Numbers and Sales

Think about somebody you thoroughly know. Just think about ONE person. Now, imagine this ONE person representing your most likely customer. This individual shares common attributes with all your customers. What is ONE thing all your customers have in common with each other? They love to do the same or similar activities as one another? What could those activities be that relate to your business offers?

They are all living out one or related life scenarios that need your specific product or service. When you believe what they believe, you don’t need to convince them of anything new. They already see the value generally of what you offer.

If you believe what a customer does, you align with what really matters in believer’s mind. Operating your business this way, you become a trusted resource for their life situations.

For example, suppose you sell all-in-one computer printers. The people who use printers have ONE thing in common with you. They need to print something on paper.

Think in a market segment sort of way. Get clear on in which situations and locations people print. People who need printers work in an office or need to print something at home. Who are the most likely people to believe in printing? These people are PASSIONATE about printing things on paper. The people who passionately want to print are the ones that are the most likely folks to buy printers.

Emotion drives our behavior. It fuels our desire to take action. So, in your digital marketing efforts, promote the emotion behind taking action. This often increases the number of sales AND helps them solve their problems.

For example, suppose it is Christmas time. People connect with each other around Christmas time (and other times as well) emotionally. Love and kindness are common themes with people at this time of year. Also, expressing gratitude and being generous to each other. So, when you believe what customers believe, it is necessary to align with what really matters to THEM to improve sales.

YOUR marketing campaigns must show genuine caring about what really matters to them. Printers are used to make homemade Christmas cards or holiday season cards.

In your advertising and marketing efforts, talk about cards expressing caring. Talk about family Christmas photos being a keepsake gift to share and a record of showing how the family changes as they age. Mention the love that is shared as family members gather around family photo albums. Looking at family members in pictures is an activity that gathers people together. When people gather together, they engage in opportunities to build a loving bond with each other.

When you believe the same beliefs as each customer, you show you understand each customer better. Understanding and showing genuine caring keeps your business thriving!

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