Marketing Ideas – Finding Your Target Audience

Marketing Ideas – Finding Your Target Audience

Have you been easily finding your target audience? If so, you’ve discovered one of the secrets to connecting with customers – don’t talk about you; talk about the customer’s problem and if he or she has found a suitable solution to it. If he or she hasn’t, you can talk about what you did to solve that same problem. If you’re sales convert, great! If not, maybe some ideas here can help you in your marketing efforts.

Finding Your Target Audience Requires You to Speak Customer Language

Think about when you went on your first date with one person. Did you only talk about what interested you? If so, that may have been the ONLY date you went on with that individual. Why? Because there was no common interest you shared with the other person.

Humans like to socially ENGAGE in conversation. The casual conversation that engages two people means the communication event provides for debate or discussion about a topic. The same is true in your marketing efforts. Genuinely engage with prospects because you want to develop a meaningful business relationship that helps them improve life or achieve goals.

Finding your target audience requires you to share at least ONE common interest in conversation with your ideal prospect. When you talk about what frustrates your target audience and ways to solve or relieve that frustration you’ve got an engaging topic going. If your target audience sees that your idea helps relieve frustration, that’s a common interest that motivates them to take action. That action equates to conversions.

For example, suppose you sell women’s clothing. What frustrates women about clothing? Market research will reveal what matters most to them. Continuing with this example, imagine the research unveils that women really want clothing that is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Looks fashionable
  • Flatters their figure
  • Makes them feel good while wearing it

If these things are indeed most important to your ideal female prospects, talk about the opposites in the list. Your copy would start out addressing the PROBLEM version of each of the listed items. By doing so, you’ll make finding your target audience easier as you speak to what really matters to them.

To continue with our clothing line example, when writing copy, speak of the opposites in your marketing copy and then how YOUR clothing line is the solution to the problem. The following list unearths the problem version of the 5 listed items. You could start your ad headline with the following headlines:

  1. Is comfortable and flattering clothing too expensive for you?
  2. Tired of having to wear fabrics that are difficult to clean or maintain?
  3. Want to wear clothing that looks more fashionable than that found at department stores?
  4. Can’t find affordable clothing that really flatters your figure?
  5. Want to stop feeling frumpy in your clothes?

People buy products for emotional reasons and DON’T buy products for practical reasons. Using this knowledge nugget helps you when finding your target audience. When you speak to what really matters to your target audience, you’ve grabbed onto a simple marketing idea that really works!

But, don’t ONLY talk about the problem, also talk about the solution. In our example, what makes YOUR clothing line solve the above problems? Write out a list of solutions. Use it in your marketing copy. Write about the ONE main difference that really matters to your target. Compelling marketing copy that triggers FEELINGS motivates your target to take action.

When you spotlight the DIFFERENCE in your clothing line, you make your business solution the most desired. Understand how to stand out in your sea of competitors? You see there is no competition to your when YOUR company spotlights the GOOD difference in YOUR solution. Now that you see one way that works regarding finding your target audience, what else can you do to be different in a good way to your prospects and customers?

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