Marketing Ideas – Identify What Attracts Your Customers

Marketing Ideas – Identify What Attracts Your Customers

Do you have a repeatable, measurable customer attracting process in place? If so, marketing ideas like using a process help your business effortlessly succeed. Success should be effortless, right? It can be when you have the right strategy and use it as a process.

Marketing Ideas That Work Are Simple To Use

What motivates your customers to take action to work with you? After all, business is about partnerships and platonic, respectful relationships. Think about your own relationships to relate to what I’m saying so you can apply the concept to your business.

Concentrate for a minute on how you connect through common interests with your life partner or your pet or your children or your friends, siblings or parents. Whatever you do to be seen as someone you can trust to be genuinely caring, THAT’S what cements the relationships with others. This includes your business relationships.

When you can be trusted to play a specific role in your relationship with others, your behavior can be counted upon. THAT is what customers want with you. They want to know they can count on you. Being genuine and trustworthy is what makes your business success.

To be perceived as a valuable and trustworthy business resource, you show prospects and customers you truly understand what really matters to them … and give it to them in THEIR way. To do this, intentionally behave in a way that shows genuine caring about helping them solve their problems and challenges. This behavior in itself can prove challenging for some business people. Why? Because they don’t know how to deliver promises in a way that mirrors the way the ideal prospect would do it.

Communicate in a customer’s way, your true intentions to effectively serve your market. Delivering your promises in a way that makes sense to them, proves to themthat they can recommend you to others. Being referral-worthy attracts new customers and improves customer retention rates, too.
So, what is an example of delivering a promise in a way that really matters to your customers? Read through this one scenario and see what I mean;

You sell pest control services. But, in the minds of your customers with pests, don’t just talk about killing bugs and rodents. Instead, promise to…

  • Keep your family happy and free from invisible, possibly life-threatening disease- organisms hitching a ride on the back of bugs and rodents
  • Keep your restaurant and food business compliant with health codes by pro-actively preventing bugs and rodents from dining at your store
  • Improve productivity, save time and money and provide a safe environment by providing a bug and rodent-free workplace

Notice the three examples of copy above? They talk about benefits to the end user. When your copy is benefit driven, it shows you are a trustworthy business to hire.

Transparent and genuine marketing ideas like following through on what you promise you will deliver effortlessly attracts customers to your business. Be trustworthy. Don’t only TALK about promising to do something, DO IT! Do what you say you’ll do. It makes all the difference in the world to your business success.


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