Marketing Trends 2019

Marketing Trends 2019

You’re brainstorming your marketingstrategy for the future. You ask yourself, “What’s my company’s future look like?” You shrug your shoulders. So, what can you do to get things going forward for the coming year? Do research for marketing trends 2019.

Marketing Trends 2019 Begins by Asking Specific Questions

In 2018 you used certain marketing trends that may be less effective this coming year. Bottom line? You need to do some research to align with marketing trends 2019. That means getting the answers to simple questions. Here are three to get you started:

  • Do you know the trends in emerging technologies that may affect your profession/industry?
  • Do you know your ideal customer’s buying patterns, tendencies and/or trends?
  • Do you know the one change that Google and Facebook made that affects your marketing?

Let’s Talk About One Trend: Video

Live video has become increasingly popular. In 2018 and earlier, you might have seen video be very expensive. Luckily, new online software brought the price of making videos down. What used to cost thousands of dollars now costs hundreds instead.

People SEE what they hear you say. This means that they use their mind to create pictures to understand your marketing message. It’s simply the way the human mind and brain work together.

Using this natural phenomenon, video works wonders to convey your marketing message. Seeing is believing for your target audience. Using video, you become real to them. Everything in business is based upon a trustworthy relationship. The more videos you create, the more you put the minds of your target market at each.

Your customers like to feel as though they know the people operating the businesses with whom they are dealing. They want to know that the businesses they trust are run by real people who are not just out to make money. Looking inside the business and looking into product creation are just a few of the ways to build a relationship with your audience.

Video is one emerging technology in which to invest. Other technologies continue to be used in a personal way for business pleasing customers in a meaningful way. For example, did you know:

  • Especially amongst 18- to 30-year-olds, Instagram and Snapchat continue to be very popular ways of connecting with businesses.
  • Marketers continue to connect with their prospects using text and apps. (Think about President Trump! He is a regular Tweeter!)
  • More businesses use Chatbots to open and maintain a customer dialogue.
  • Many people are making new business connections using Facebook Messenger

Regularly staying connected with your prospects and customers helps you learn your ideal customer’s buying patterns, tendencies and/or trends. Working with all the marketing changes that emerged in 2018 helps you stay successful. Voice search and mobile search are booming. Are you using this knowledge in your marketing trends 2019? If you are, you’re evolving with ecommerce.

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