Outsourcing Gets You Family Time

Outsourcing Gets You Family Time

Did you know that according to Google, people search using the keyword family time about 8,100 times each month? Further, they search using the keyword family time tv series only 880 times monthly. I just wanted to give you a comparative of the two keywords so you could see people really are interested in having more family time.

Family time support is another component of spending time with your family. To me, this term means that each family member takes a part in scheduling time to spend with the entire family.

For each family member to support the concept of family time with each other, each individual makes “sacrifices.” Time and money are included in those sacrifices. However, what is the ROI on investing time and perhaps money in developing, sustaining and maintaining your family relationships? Healthier relationships and lower stress.

Benefits of Family Time

When children “sacrifice” spending time with playmates and friends to develop a relationship with their siblings and parents, they learn to work with their brothers, sisters and parent’s unique mannerisms. In the business world, this equates to learning how to be flexible with others.

A key skill in getting along in the world is flexibility. It often needs to be learned. So, when children agree to spend time with family, they are learning to be flexible and find balance. When you model spending time with your family, they’ll do the same thing with their family. So, family time can also be a skill people develop.

When it comes to actively spending time with your children, you understand them more clearly. By taking the time to understand your children and what really matters to them, you can apply this skill to your business.

Customers who know you really understand what matters to them trust you enough to buy from you. They like you. Your likability factor is an important part of your customers being loyal to your brand.

Regarding actively spending time with your children, when your little ones feel welcome in the family, they are mentally healthier. If they feel unwanted and unwelcome in the family, they still need to feel wanted. It is a part of being human.

Kids who feel unwelcome in the family may decide to join gangs or groups who welcome them to the group. It’s a feeling of family, only in a negative way.

What else do you and your family members learn by spending time with each other and developing a long-term, meaningful relationship? They learn about compassion and caring.

For example, suppose a family member also exhibits a disability. A child or parent with a disability needs compassion and caring. Sometimes compassion and caring also need to be seen as an interpersonal skill. For some, caring does not come as naturally as it does for others. But, again, when it comes to your business, customers who know you really care for them befriend you.

What if only your spouse makes up your “family?” Your life partner makes up the “us” in your relationship. Spending family time with your spouse also has benefits. Aside from the bond that grows between the both of you, you get to create and enjoy happy memories.

The entire point of this blog post is to talk about taking family time to develop the relationship you have with your loved ones. Taking family time is very important. If you are working too many hours, consider outsourcing some of those tasks to free up time to spend with family. It’s important because you only have a limited amount of time to be here with them. Outsourcing can get you family time.

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