Outsourcing Gets You Stress Relief

Outsourcing Gets You Stress Relief

The following list is a sample of tasks that a digital marketing company’s qualified, trained, experienced team can do for you. As a result of you delegating these tasks, you get stress relief! Here’s the incomplete list of tasks you can outsource so you can focus on doing things that generate income for you:

  • Adding comments to popular blogs and news areas
  • Answering customer emails
  • Business development tasks
  • Creating a color pallet for your website, business cards, etc.
  • Creating a logo
  • Creating SEO-optimized web pages
  • Getting backlinks to your website
  • Keeping track of online problems and outages
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Listing your company in directories
  • Manage your websites
  • Posting blog posts
  • Social media project management
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Website project management
  • Writing blog posts

Stress Relief By Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Company

Look at only the first item in the above list. Business is all about building relationships. That means physically reaching out to all places where your target audience is. However, you CAN NOT physically be socially engaging for the HOURS it takes to successfully complete all the steps of social engagement. But a digital marketing company does have that capability.

Yes, they use different software programs to socially engage for you. But, think about this. When it comes to taking the time to figure out how to maximize the usefulness of a software program, doesn’t it stress you out?

There are several steps to learning how to use those programs much less deciding which campaign to launch to socially build your brand. Yes, that is what you are doing. You are developing a relationship with your target audience by socially engaging with them. Remember, people will only buy from you when they first know who you are to see if you genuinely care about them.

So, you first have to take the time to figure out how to use the program. You need stress relief from thinking about all the time you must invest in learning how to use the program.

Then, you have to practice using it. As a result of practicing using it, you may be stressing out again focusing on how much time it takes to develop speed to effectively and efficiently USE the program. Here’s another place you need stress relief.

When it comes to social engagement, you have to test the content with your target audience. You have to figure out what your target really considers useful. More time being expended. AND, it is an overhead cost because it doesn’t directly generate income. However, you still need to do it because if you don’t find people who believe in the things you believe in, you can’t live your passion!

Instead of stressing about being invisible to your market, outsource your social networking activities. It’s easy to get stress relief in this important area of your business by delegating to marketing experts adding comments to popular blogs and news areas.

This is only ONE task in the list that can give you stress relief. I could go through the entire list and apply these same points so you can see outsourcing to a digital marketing company, dollar for dollar, is a wise investment. But I think you see the point.

Hiring experts to do your social engagement and any of the tasks in this list frees up time for you to generate income. Want to be effective and efficient in your business. Outsource wherever you can. But only do it if you can see the value in triggering less frustration, can see the value in maximizing your time, can see the value in improving productivity. Outsourcing gets you stress relief!

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