Pay Per Click Advertising – Expense or Wise Investment?

Pay Per Click Advertising – Expense or Wise Investment

You’re upset because you have too few clients to make your business profitable. You know your offer satisfies customers but you need more to buy from you! What’s going on here? You hand out-professional-looking business cards. Visitors rave about your beautiful website. You do networking offline, have online webinars and even do joint ventures with complementary businesses. But nothing seems to make your offer stand out. Have you thought about the possibility of pay per click advertising bringing you relief from the pain of having low sales? If so, how do you see this marketing activity – as an expense or wise investment?

Pay Per Click Advertising Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals!

The pain of having insufficient customers or clients can feel like a horrible blow. Where does it hurt when you think about this pain? In your heart? In your relationships with your family members or friends? Do you feel negative emotions like guilt, shame, frustration? No matter what emotion you feel, the fastest acting pain killer can be pay per click advertising. Why? PPC marketing…

  • Offers a quick way to get your offer into the marketplace
  • Results of using it are easy to measure and track
  • You can use pay per click advertising with other marketing efforts
  • Reveals a LOT about your target market quickly
  • Can provide valuable traffic and sales
  • Contributes to business/marketing goals
  • Useful avenue to give your brand exposure
  • Can be a hot lead submission tool
  • PPC can be used as a tool on the sales funnel path
  • Maybe useful for e-commerce sales

Regarding how an ad campaign is performing, with PPC, you can use analytics to reveal campaign performance. Analytics reveal the kind of traffic clicking and responding to your campaign.

Using specific keywords, you maintain a lot of control over your pay per click advertising campaign. By speaking your potential customer’s language via keywords and keyword phrases, you can clearly target your audience.

PPC and SEO work well together in your pay per click advertising campaigns. What you are looking for is a way to gather a lot of information about your ideal prospect AND trigger sales conversions. PPC can do this for you.

Now, on to a question that may be rolling around in your mind regarding pay per click advertising and any marketing activity for that matter. Some business owners look at all marketing activities as a necessary business expense. However, think about looking at marketing as a wise investment. PPC is a unique way to engage with your target.

Without exerting the effort necessary to be seen, known and considered a valued and trusted resource for your target audience, you would have no business. Think about the lives you can change by being in your business. When you focus on the value you bring to the world, perhaps you can see paying for any type of marketing more as a valuable investment rather than an expense.

It takes money to make money. Are you willing to invest in your business to serve your audience? If so, those marketing activity investments is a part of what makes you be a success.

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