Repurposing Your Company Identity

Repurposing Your Company Identity

With changing technology, businesses can either get on board or jump overboard! What is happening with your company regarding market changes? Are you looking at closing your business or can you repurpose your company identity and stay in business? Here are some ideas that may be useful for making decisions of whether to go or stay, taking into account market changes.

Repurpose Your Company Identity to Stay Successful

First and foremost, explaining to your regular customers why you are repurposing your company helps quiet the possible stormy seas ahead. Making a transition from the old, familiar things to the new and different can seem like the imperfect storm for some. So, essentially, to successfully repurpose your company, stay focused on how to give your current customers a better customer experience.

When regular customers ask why things are changing, tell them you are focused on providing them with a better customer experience. Ask for their feedback regarding the changes. As appropriate, use that feedback to keep improving customer experience. Noticeable changes can be accepted easier by all involved when you explain your intention to make things better for all concerned.

Be Patient Through The Transition

During the transition from what was to the “new normal” takes patience and time when communicating with customers. Accept and work WITH the possibility that you will need to keep answering the same questions about why you are changing. You can minimize the need to ad nauseum repeatedly explain why you are changing by sending an email campaign. In the campaign explain that change can be good.

To develop an appropriate and authentic new brand or company identity, then ensure your “new normal” brand is accepted by customers, be consistent with the changes. It is necessary to develop a systemor policy standard so you can sustain long-term success. But how do you go about that transition?

Be excited about the change. Make a big deal about the unveiling of the new. Create an email campaign launch about new changes ahead to improve customer experience.

During the kick-off, offer something special your customers want. Give them “new grand opening” deals. Whatever method you use to you handle the transition from the former to the now, make it a positive experience for your customers (and you as much as possible.) After all, serving a market is all about giving customers/clients a memorable and positive experience. Why? Because repurposing your company identity most likely will have a long-lasting impact to its success.

First impressions are important when you change your company identity. In some respects, it’s like coming home after you’ve been away. Customers may be suspicious that you’re trying to put one over on them. Essentially you are reintroducing yourself to your current ‘friends and family’. Your customers will consciously or subconsciously adjust their opinions and expectations of your repurposed brand.

Understand that your most loyal, long time clients or customers may have the biggest reactions. Some will overtly disapprove of the changes and stop being customers … but may return when they see they can only get from you things no one else can provide.

Create Planned Scenarios

Some will love the changes and some may treat the change with indifference and continue to be customers. So, when its time to repurpose your company identity, have a plan and a system to get through the changes. The transition will go more smoothly for both you and your customers by creating some planned scenarios first.

A planned scenario helps you work through possible negative customer reactions and outline ways to effectively and efficiently move through the change. This is all part of providing a better customer experience.

You can do it! After all, if you think ahead to figure it all out, you can be better prepared to work through the tough challenges that may appear.

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