Same Message – Different Places Creating A Company Brand

Same Message – Different Places Creating A Company Brand

Your brain craves the activity of repetition and consistency. When you repetitively and consistently do things, your brain develops a relationship with these types of activities. The more familiar you are with doing the same activity(s), including thoughts and feeling the same feelings, the more your mind goes on autopilot. The more you feel comfortable repetitively and consistently doing the same activity, the more you trust feeling comfortable continuing to do that activity. This same concept applies when building your company brand.

Think about the activity of shopping.  You are a shopper. I am a shopper. Your children are shoppers. We all shop for physical objects OR to discover and then adopt beliefs that align with what really matters to us.

You shop first by looking through your brain’s internal perspective of seeking to gain some type of specific value by shopping. When you deeply relate to a passionate belief and see/hear others talking about it, too, you are engaged in a branding process.

Your Company Brand Thrives With Consistent Repetition

When you develop a trusting relationship with a company, it feels familiar to continue on with that relationship, doesn’t it? That happens with repetitive consistency from that company.

For example, suppose you like to drive a certain make of vehicle. Let’s call your favorite brand of car Zoomy. Zoomy brand cars are environmentally friendly, are safe, and get great gas mileage. Additionally, your shrunken, aged parents fit just right in the Zoomy Zipster.

Regularly, you get emails from Zoomy. Sure, they do talk about things relevant to the Zipster. However, they also send you emails and other messages in the US snail mail as well. They’ve created a relationship with you and consider you their friend. They are engaged with you not just for sales but also to say hello to you as their friend.

The tips they share range from recipes people love to eat in cool weather and in hot weather. See what’s happening here? Not every message you receive from them leads to a sale. Instead, some of their messages are nurturing the relationship they already have with you. By sharing “non-sale” messages in addition to promoting other sales/services, they are creating a company brand for genuine caring.

When customers genuinely feel cared about and for, they stay loyal to your brand. What other activities do your customers do? When you know the demographics and use them, you can promote your message in different places. The message that you genuinely care can be seen on TV or advertised on the radio while a program talks about dog products. So, though you don’t sell dogs or dog care products, people who own dogs could transport them in a Zoomy Zipster.

Think about how your company brand can be used in different ways and seen in different places. As long as your message is repetitively seen as a caring company, you are consistently building a good relationship with your customers. Hopefully, this blog post showed you the value of consistent repetition.

Publish your message everywhere and in different places. Building your company brand can be as easy as doing something this simple!

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