SEO Marketing Services

SEO Marketing Services

A specific group of people already want your offer. Your offer promises to solve a currently unresolved issue for them they want to be resolved. This is where SEO marketing services can bring you and your ideal prospects together. Using a plan, your marketing message can clearly convey how to solve their unique problem or challenge or how they can achieve a clear-cut goal.

The activity of marketing creates a want in a service or product. When a target market feels interested in solving a definitive issue, there is WANT. SEO marketing services work in alignment with that special want or desire. It is a valuable investment for you to regularly engage in creating “solution want” and promoting it to your ideal prospects. Creating that want is how you show your target market you can help them live their dreams.

SEO Marketing Services Helps Target Audiences Live Their Dreams

Imagine being a starving, thirsty, dying, sole, ship-wrecked survivor on an island. Notice all the words used in this sentence. They trigger your brain’s imaging abilities. Visually formatted verbs and nouns are parts of speech that create want. Let’s continue with this part of the blog post because they demonstrate the value of outsourcing to get SEO marketing services.

What do you envision as some things that really matter to a starving, thirsty, dying, sole, ship-wrecked survivor on an island? Let’s list them for demonstration purposes:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Other people with whom to interact
  • Shelter from the elements
  • A feeling that everything will be all right

Notice that 4 out of the 5 listed items are physical. Only one is emotional. These are all basic needs AND wants.

Have you created a simple list like this for each of your business offers? If you do this, it can make your SEO needs clear and simple. How?

SEO marketing services is actually more than just one task. Typically, when you engage in online marketing using SEO it is a process. That process can be very complicated. Marketing takes you away from doing things only you can do to create income. For this reason and many more, it is a very good investment to outsource your marketing needs to experts.

Let’s apply this exercise to your business offer. Suppose you sell pesticide services. What would be a list of basic wants a homeowner with a termite infested home wants? To figure this out, pretend that YOU are the homeowner with the termite-infested home. What would REALLY matter to you? Write out your responses here:

  • Immediately get rid of the termites
  • Contract with an affordable, friendly, reputable company
  • Talk with someone at the company who sounds like they really care about solving your problem
  • Make sure the chemicals used are safe for pets (if you have a pet)
  • Understand how long it will take for the termites to be completely gone and what is required to completely get rid of them
  • Ask if the pesticide company knows any reputable contractors who may be able to repair your home’s physical damage
  • A feeling that everything will be all right

Okay, look at the list. If you as a business owner want to let everyone know you have these solutions to eliminate a termite-infested home, this is the type of BENEFITS you want your target to see. That means digital marketing experts will know what ideas to put in PPC ads or other online ad campaigns. The team of marketing services experts need to use certain keywords in your ad campaigns so the right person sees your ad.

See how listing out what your customer wants is important when it comes to SEO for your business offers? If you need help making this list, just contact us!

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