To Outsource or DIY?

To Outsource or DIY

In a Hollywood movie, the star in most movies can sometimes use a proxy during certain scenes in the movie. These proxies are called stand ins. When the star wants or needs to leave a particular scene in the movie for some reason, the stand in “stands in” for the star. This is also called a Hollywood outsource event.

A Hollywood stand in is a highly trained and experienced professional. This expert (see Buster Keaton!) thrives when passionately engaged in doing sometimes very dangerous stunts. Now, apply this idea of using a stand in to running your business. Sometimes you as a business person need a stand in. During this time, you delegate work tasks to others.

Just like a movie star can outsource a scene in a movie to another acting professional, sometimes its time and cost effective to outsource your marketing tasks for you, the business owner.Outsourcing is like getting a stand in. At times, it just makes good business sense, especially for digital marketing tasks.

Do you Outsource or Do-It-Yourself?

There are moments when you don’t have the time or expertise to do all of your digital marketing tasks. In big corporations, they consult all the time to get tasks done. You can do what big businesses do when you outsource.

Let’s talk about areason choosing to outsource is better than doing a task yourself. Though you COULD, perhaps, do a certain marketing task well, do you really want to do EVERYTHING? Think about that for a minute. Keep reading as we talk more about this.

Do you Give Yourself A Salary?

Let’s suppose you give yourself a salary of $100,000 per year. Divide this number by 12 months in the year. That means you earn about $8,333.33 per month. Divide this number by 30 days (the average number of days in a month.) The answer is $277.77 per day you earn. That’s a pretty nice salary.

Divide that by 8 which is the number of hours in a regular workday. This figure is $34.72. That means if you work an average, 8-hour workday, you earn $34.72 per hour. Wow! That is a very nice hourly wage. Divided into minutes, you earn $0.58 per minute. Very nice per minute salary.

Okay, now let’s look at some marketing tasks you need done. You could hire someone and pay him or her $8/hour to do some of these tasks. Or, you could save yourself $34.72/hour and do those tasks yourself. However, wouldn’t it be s higher ROI if you chose to outsource these tasks to do something only YOU can do to generate more income?

Remember, only YOU can do what’s necessary to generate income in your business. Your business is your baby. You know all about it. But, it just doesn’t make good business sense to do everything yourself, especially if doing that task creates overhead that does NOT generate income. Outsourcing does!

Here are some marketing tasks you really could outsource. When you delegate marketing tasks to either a freelancer or a digital marketing company, you free your own time up to generate more income. Here are the tasks:

  • Getting backlinks to your website
  • Writing blog posts
  • Posting blog posts
  • Keyword research
  • Manage your websites
  • Business development tasks
  • Link building
  • Keeping track of online problems and outages
  • Adding comments to popular blogs and news areas
  • Listing your company in directories
  • Creating SEO-optimized web pages
  • Website project management
  • Social media project management
  • Creating a logo
  • Creating a color pallet for your website, business cards, etc.
  • Answering customer emails
  • Website design & maintenance

By comparing what you are costing yourself by doing things yourself, instead of outsourcing those marketing tasks, perhaps you can decide which marketing tasks would be a better ROI when outsourced. Make sense?

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