Unique and Powerful SEO Content Strategy for Beginners

Want to improve your website SEO content? How about landing pages, blogs, your digital marketing in general? If so, here’s a secret from an experienced copywriter about how to improve online sales conversions. It is a secret most business owners do not understand they are doing. Repeatedly, businesses make this mistake in their marketing materials everywhere including in social media posts, website content, blog posts, landing pages, wherever! Read on to improve your website sales conversions by using this one copywriting secret to engagement.

Make SEO Content Prospect Focused Not Business Owner Focused

All humans have a favorite topic. Themselves! Think about this. When you want something, from within your own mind (and private agenda) you want what you want for PRIVATE reasons. They are your OWN reasons. Those around you can GUESS why you want what you want but they don’t specifically KNOW it … unless they listen to prospect feedback and use it.

Marketing text on your website MUST contain keywords to create the correct SEO content that interests prospects. These are words they WANT and LIKE to hear.  That type of copy begins by describing words that show you have the solution to providing the prospect with an emotional FEELING end result. Here’s an example of engaging website SEO content:

The first version is all about what a small business owner OFFERS rather than talking in words that shows you understand what the prospect truly wants most: (Pay close attention and review what you have on your own website. If you are inadvertently doing this, your sales conversion rate is probably low) –

“I am an expert at hammering nails into the wood on top of roofs. I have been hammering nails into wooden roofs on top of shingles for years. I LOVE hammering nails into wooden roofs. I can do it for you, too, if you need to have new shingles on your roof.”

If you talk about what you offer or what you DO, the SEO content is written all around YOU. Your message is not delivered in a personal way that sets you out from your competition. You need to get personal to stand out from the sea of competitors in your profession or industry.

Consider what the leaky roof owner is thinking. He or she is thinking about personal benefits to having a dry roof. Here are some sample phrases:

  1. “I don’t want to get wet from the rain. I feel uncomfortable when the rain makes me wet.”
  2. “I don’t want my children and other family members to get wet from the rain (including Herman my pet ferret!) They would also feel uncomfortable if rain showers them while they are in the house.”
  3. “I don’t like getting wet unless I am in the shower. Having a leaky roof is different than showering and cleaning up my body. I want to stay dry the most amount of time during my day.”

What do your leaky roof prospects want? To feel comfortable and dry. How would hammering nails into a wooden roof make your prospects feel comfortable and dry? (Hint – it doesn’t. Hammering nails into a roof attaches shingles to the roof.

What your prospect is thinking is all about getting PERSONAL benefits of being dry. Your prospect with the leaky roof doesn’t care about the roof’s feelings. A roof has no FEELINGS. He/She cares about her/his OWN feelings and the feelings of family loved ones.

How do you communicate that by fixing the leaky roof you, the roofer, also keep family members dry and comfortable? By using the correct keywords conveying the personal benefits of having a dry roof.

But wait! The home owner with the leaky roof will use certain keywords in the search engine that seem like the right words asking for a roofer expecting the roofer to provide an EMOTIONAL FEELING with a new roof.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but there is a connection between the prospect feeling comfortable and dry AND the roof being repaired. To use SEO content that makes sense to the reader, it is necessary to talk about the personal benefits to the leaky roof owner of getting the roof fixed. That means, the copy needs to be written with a personal benefit message approach.

The personal benefit approach of the roofer’s message. Version two is the more effective, visually-based, emotionally-feeling SEO content way to communicate your good news:

“Hail pelting your family members through the holes in your roof? Family tired of feeling like they’ve got raindrop bullseyes on their backs in their own living room during each cloudburst? Want to stop getting wet and uncomfortable each time it snows or rains?

Dry and Comfortable Roofing company experts save families from hail pelting, raindrop bullets and feeling wet and uncomfortable in their own living room. Call 800-555-1212 now!

See the difference in the content? To optimize your website’s marketing copy, don’t talk about what you do and/or your offer. Instead, speak in terms that show you understand what really matters to your target audience in PERSONAL terms that really matter to them.

Once you know what your target market really wants, give it to them in the WAY they want to receive it … personally!

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