Video Marketing Ideas – Build on A Theme

Video Marketing Ideas – Build on A Theme

Are you a regular You Tuber? If so, think about your company’s theme. Start a movement with videos that add value to your target market’s community. Using simple video marketing ideas like this also helps build your brand.

For example, let’s suppose you own a beauty salon. A beauty salon can be a very profitable endeavor, especially if you regularly stay in touch with your target market. In our example, the theme is that your salon provides ONLY affordable haircuts from experienced stylists.

The message you intend to get across to your target market is simple – get an experienced hair stylist at an affordable price for ONLY a haircut. Your video series theme is designed to spark interest in a specific group of people who know your salon only cuts hair.

This video project would be a series of videos all related to your shop’s theme. That theme promotes getting an affordable, attractive-looking haircut from an experienced cosmetologist/stylist. Okay, now your theme is set. What is related to your main theme? Those would be your additional videos.

Video Marketing Ideas – Themes That Build Your Brand

Here’s a typical scenario that can make your beauty salon top of mind awareness for people who only need/want haircuts. Start your video campaign with relevant customer demographics. Write those details out on paper or a blank Word document. This helps you know what to include in videos. Use these details as a kind of roadmap toward your destination of being known as the affordable, quality provider, ONLY HAIRCUTS salon in the area. Tell your local business community the market you serve.

Example characteristics people ONLY interested in getting a quality haircut:

  • Take-action type of people
  • People in a hurry
  • People on a budget
  • People who might be interested in buying a haircut package plan
  • People who want it now
  • People who might be store walk-ins
  • People who are also open to making appointments for their preferred stylist
  • People who might come in during lunchtime before they have to get back to work
  • People who care about their looks

This is just a sample list of demographics for this market segment. Using video marketing ideas that appeal to this market segment, provide content that works within the demographics. Be consistent and become familiar to this market segment. You might even name your store “Only Haircuts.”

Keep publishing ideas about how their good looks can apply to and add value to other parts of their life. Stay focused and regularly stay in touch with them via videos.

Make a specific demographic characteristic list for women, men and children. This can also help you figure out more video content. See the following example list for more ideas:


  • Take-action type of woman
  • Could be a CEO of her own business; one video could refer to looking professional at work.
  • She’s in a hurry; one video could talk about the convenience of getting in and out of your salon so she can quickly be on her way
  • She manages the family budget; talk about safe yet useful hair products that help her stay within her budget
  • Tell her what she can do with the money she saves by buying a haircut package plan
  • Assure her you are here for her; be truthful in some videos about how you care for her type of hair in just the right way that makes her look prettiest
  • You could say you respect walk-ins by doing your best to quickly style her hair without compromising quality
  • Explain the benefits to her of scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Share the services you provide that are different from chain salons (i.e., your salon will call her to remind her of her upcoming appointment, she can have a free cup of coffee as a thank you for being a long-time customer, an appointment assures she gets her preferred stylist, etc.
  • Explain that you appreciate her relationship with you and loyalty as a lunch time haircut customer. Establish a simple discount rewards program for being a loyal customer to ONLY your store.

These videos contain content that really matters to HER. Imagine being in her shoes FIRST and adding value to her way of seeing things before making a video.

Do the same thing for men and children. What are the specifics that interest them? Video is a great way to stay connected with your customers. Video marketing ideas mentioned in this blog post can really cement your business success!

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