Video Marketing Ideas That Really Work

Video Marketing Ideas That Really Work

Video marketing is an opportunity to share information that helps your audience solve their challenges. When you think the term “marketing” in any venue, equate it with being a supportive partner to your target audience. In video marketing, you are like a coaching partner, creating want and desire in your prospects to excel.

Imagine having a virtual partner you can consider a trustworthy resource. What would that partner provide for you (the one needing help) in the way of real help? BE that expert. Create a video library of helpful information for your target.

By providing ideas that help your target solve their challenges, WOW!; that’s a great story! Storytelling can sell people on acting and behaving in a way that helps them do what they really want to do anyway. When your target audience feels motivated and inspired to act in a certain way, due to your video coaching, they look to you for continued support. So, think of the helpful videos you create to be a way you do “partner-shipping” with your ideal prospects.

Useful Video Marketing

Partner-shipping is a good approach to video marketing. When you create videos like you are a business partner to your clients, you are seen as a valuable resource instead of an annoying cold caller. By being in business WITH your target audience, you come across like a true friend to your target market.

Friends are good listeners and supporters. When you show you are in business with your client there to support him or her, you attract more people to you instead of repelling them through blatant sales videos.

Instructional Video Marketing

Some people struggle to make decisions. They NEED a coach to help them make a decision that produces the desired result. That type of video has valuable instruction in it. So, in your video content, similar to a blog post or article written content, concentrate on providing real value for your prospects/customers.

For example, suppose a business person is in the beginning stages of running his/her company. Make the most of emotive power in a video. Talk about how you make productive business decisions. Appeal to your consumers’ needs and hidden subconscious desires to inspire them to see the value in doing something new and different. Engage with them on an emotional level. After all, beginners feel afraid of what they don’t yet clearly understand. Your emotive, instructional videos help them face their fears and adopt change. When they see that YOU are just like them, it creates a friendship bond between you and them.

At the end of the very brief, 30 – 60 second video, add a strategic and relevant call to action (CTA). Include a tracked URL. Make sure the CTA is contextually relevant to your overall story. Google LOVES contextually relevant content.

Be concise in what you say in your video. People suffer from attention deficit nowadays. So, get to the point in the beginning of your video whether it be a series or only one video. Keep giving valuable content so viewers are really helped. There’s a lot you can offer your target through video marketing!

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