Viral Video Marketing Ideas

Viral Video Marketing Ideas

Do you make videos? Or, have them made for you? Interested in some video marketing ideas that could cause your video to go viral? If so, you’ll love these “most shared content” tips.

Here’s an important note: viral videos are rare. It really does take the right type of effort to get your video to go viral. The basic thing that gets viral attention is sharing a topic that FEELS INTENSELY MEANINGFUL. It keeps them stirred up. That means involving emotions. Make something controversial and different or unique and those are some basic ingredients that can cause your video to go viral.

Video Marketing Ideas Include Sharing Content That Causes Attention-Grabbing and Keeping

People like to be entertained. A bit of trivia here regarding the brain, dopamine excites the mind and brain. Natural dopamine creation is involved in making videos so different they go viral.

Keeping this in mind, people share videos and get a dopamine kick or a serotonin rush or a burst of testosterone or a release of oxytocin. The brain chemicals are involved in making any content go viral.

So, remember to create a video that is contextually relevant to your target audience. Generally, the thing that triggers sharing a video includes some or all of the following:

  • Content (including pictures, drawings, images and/or facts)that invoke amazement, astonishment, shock, wonder, reverence, laughter or contextually relevant amusement to your niche market viewer
  • Content that makes your viewer look smart, cleveror insightful for sharing your video
  • A contextually relevant niche list or infographic
  • Content known to be sponsored or the movement or cause of/by trusted sources

Why Do People Share Stories Online?

Research reveals some common reasons why people share stories online. Think about these research results. See incorporating video marketing ideas from this blog post make your videos go viral. People share because…

  • It is their passionate nature to publicly publish online what they see as valuable and entertaining content to others
  • Story sharers define their personal value by sharing what the sharer perceives as relevant/valuable stories that may interest others. The act of sharing specific content to a select group of people gives the receiver a better sense of who that sharing person is.
  • People share stories to stay connected, feel like they belong or get and stay united with like-minded others about a single focus in an effort to build, cement, grow and nourish select and specific relationships
  • Folks share stories to feel more involved in the world as they give examples of sharing that about which they feel deeply passionate.
  • Shared stories are vehicles they use to inform masses about causes important to the sharer (and often those receiving the video)
  • People share to give offers or discounts
  • Give helpful hints or tips
  • Alert others to possible dangers
  • People share funny stories just because it feels good to laugh
  • Folks share unique or uncommon images or quotes to inspire/motivate others

In summary, to increase probabilities of making your video go viral, keep in mind giving value that satisfies, motivates, pleases, or generally deeply improves life in the mind of your target market. Before making your video, think, “How will this content be adding value to my market?” When you accurately answer that question with just the right type of content, you just might have viral video success!

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