Want An Effective Facebook Engagement Strategy?

Facebook Engagement

Business is all about relationships. Being social for your business is predominantly about sharing information that helps improve the lives of those you’ve chosen to serve. A common way to be social is through Facebook engagement.

What Are Some Keys To Effective Facebook Engagement?

Want the bottom line to successful Facebook engagement? Here are some ideas to incorporate when posting on Facebook:

  1. Be genuinely friendly
  2. Be entertaining
  3. Be inspiring
  4. Be motivating
  5. Be informative
  6. Be honest
  7. Be yourself
  8. Always be grateful and express that gratitude for those who give you likes and engage back with you.
  9. When you engage, do so to genuinely care about helping the market you serve.
  10. Respond quickly to comments because Facebook actually grades you on your response time.
  11. Provide a posting format that keeps with the theme of your Facebook page.
    (i.e., make each day a special subtheme of your page’s main theme)
  12. Post relevant content
  13. Only post one idea at a time to avoid information overload
  14. When posting techniques, make it something usable right now
  15. Tell true stories to explain how you solved the same problem your beginner fans are experiencing now.
  16. Post about content that applies to what really matters to your Facebook page theme (i.e. if your Facebook page is about training dogs, only post ideas relevant to dog training)
  17. When you post content, only post original ideas you’ve written OR give credit to the source of the post if you share
  18. Don’t be tacky and argue with others in the post just to get traffic. The wrong type of traffic builds a poor Facebook page reputation for you.
  19. Follow all the Facebook engagement rules. If you are unsure what they all are, Google it! Or, go to Facebook help.
  20. Be prepared to pay for likes. It is fairly affordable with Facebook. The truth is, you get a lot more demographic information by using their ads. So, just do it! Even at only $1 a day, you can get a tremendous amount of useful information using their ads!
  21. Understand that Facebook uses interests instead of keywords for searches. Search for people with your interests and talk about what interests your fans.
  22. Share information that solves problems. Though you can sell products on your business page, when posting content, focus primarily on sharing ideas.
  23. Use a different approach to a common problem for your FB community. This keeps content fresh and unique. Ask for people to share their own stories of success. The entire community benefits when interesting and useful information is shared.
  24. See your FB page visitors as your long-term friends. Those who come to your FB page will engage when you think of them and respectfully treat them as friends.

Be social because you want to help people in your niche. You can use any of these tips in your Facebook Engagement strategy. It’s good for your business.

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