What Is Social Media Marketing All About In a Word, Relationships!

What Is Social Media Marketing All About In a Word, Relationships!

Remember when you were a little kid? It was easy to make friends. In elementary school, especially at recess, you would engage in interests you liked doing. Nobody felt afraid to socialize. You hadn’t yet learned to feel self-conscious about swinging with a friend on the playground. If you feel afraid to socialize now, it’s necessary to unlearn that self-defeating habit! Social media marketing for your business is as important as socializing when you were a little kid. Why? There is more to life than just working! There is being social!

When you were in 5th grade, did you like to play marbles? If so, you naturally played various marble games. You developed a credible, believable reputation for either being a very uncoordinated marble player or as someone who won a lot of marbles. You learned that the more you played marbles, the more you met other people who also liked playing marbles.

Applying this concept, you started to create a marble fan group. Ever do a “show and tell” presentation before the class as you developed your public speaking skills? If so, maybe you did “show and tell” all about marbles. In your presentation you shared personal details that included talking about and showing your favorite marbles.

Maybe they were blue clearies or steelies or boulders. (You might even have those marbles today in your home’s attic.) But playing marbles also came with its challenges and problems. You wanted someone to help you solve those frustrations.

Getting together with your marble-playing friends, you would talk among your exclusive, elite group. You’d share strategies, techniques and tips about how to improve or eliminate hurdles to playing the best marble games. It was an awesome time of your life!

Social Media Marketing is Like Playing Marbles

Successful businesses thrive by sharing personal life tidbits. When you trust someone to support your ideas as you tell your personal stories, you develop a bond. By sharing ideas similar to your own with others, you are acting social. By being social, you can share solutions to problems you share with your group.

Social media marketing is developing and building meaningful, long-term business relationships. When you talk about things you like (that have nothing to do with selling) you are taking time with people. This is how you can set yourself apart from other businesses who do NOT act social. Being social is also an opportunity to show you are an expert problem solver in your niche!

In Social Media Marketing You Can Develop Your Brand

Getting to know people who think the way you think is how you can become known as a genuinely caring person. When people know you can show ways to improve customer experience, people gravitate to you. This is vital to your business being successful.

Likabilitiness is an important characteristic of successful business owners. When you are likable, you are also more likely to be successful at selling your solutions to other people’s problems and challenges.

Know how you have a favorite TV show you watch or love reading books written by your favorite author? When you regularly engage in social media marketing, you create want and desire for your solutions to other people’s problems.

So, are you getting the idea that being social is necessary for your business to be successful now? It is by being social that you can become appealing, attractive even charismatic to your target market.

What’s the bottom line here? Being social is a good thing for your business. Now go out and make some new friends!

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