Engage with Your Market Using A Social Media Post Template

Engage with Your Market Using A Social Media Post Template

When it comes to running your business, being social keeps you connected with your target market. However, it can sometimes challenge you coming up with new things to say. Here are some ideas on how to stay connected using a social media post template. Implementing this writing tool can make things a lot easier.

Follow a Simple Formula Employing A Social Media Post Template

  1. When it comes to sharing content socially, have a direction in mind for your posts. Align these posts with goals relevant to your prospects.To determine what matters most to your target market, do market research. Find out what matters to them and provide it.
  1. Create a content calendar so you can write posts or create videos aligned with what matters to them. Content calendars work best with this simple social media post template idea.A content calendar is similar to a regular calendar. You decide how often and when to post content. Like going on a vacation, you start your content calendar at a specific starting point and plan to see individual sights. You know which sights already sound interesting and which do not. Use this analogy with your social media posts. What ideas do your prospects want to learn, be entertained by, seem relevant to them? Write posts so they can see the VALUE in adopting the ideas in your posts.
  1. At the end of the post, do NOT sell your product. Instead, engage with your fans. Ask them to comment or share their ideas.
  2. Because there are thousands of social networks out there from which to choose, start by picking one most popular for your target audience.
  1. Understand that paid ads are ultimately going to be the most effective because they reveal what’s most important and relevant to your target audience.

Here’s an example of how to use a general social media post template to create some engaging content. Remember, the more often you engage, the faster you develop a relationship with your target audience!


Suppose you sell dog toys. Let’s pretend market research reveals a high percentage of dogs love tennis balls. You then would create a content calendar all about playing with your dog (including the use of dog toys) to cement the bond between owner and canine. If you chose predominantly Facebook for your social media campaign, you would join groups supporting lovingly bonding with your dog. Read some posts in those groups to get an idea of what’s relevant to the fans. Make sure you can advertise in the groups and that promoting your business is acceptable to the admins. Here is an example of a relevant social media post you could publish:

“Fido likes to play catch. What better way to bond with your canine friend than with a personalized tennis ball.Yep. That ball has Fido’s name on it. If he loses it, his name and your phone number are on it. Hey, doggie toys do cost you something. No sense throwing money away. But, he might also make the ball slippery with drool. Yuck! What are some things you could do to reduce doggie drool? I don’t know. Have any ideas? If so, please comment below.”

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