Marketing Ideas – Do You Chase Customers?

Marketing Ideas – Do You Chase Customers

One of the most common & inadvertent mistakes small business owners make when looking for customers is chasing them. Think you have to convince people to become your customers? If so, you are focusing your promotional campaigns on satisfying your needs more than on adding value to people’s lives. Using simple marketing ideas like adding value first, you stop chasing customers. As you stop chasing, you become attractive to your market.

Marketing Ideas That Attract Rather Than Repel People

Think about the game called “tag.” When children play tag, one person is “it.” The one acting out the character role of “it” is avoided by the other game players. The opponents see the person who is “it” as being as unwanted as an angry swarm of bees.No one wants to get stung!

When it comes to successful marketing ideas,DO NOT focus more on what you offer than you do on developing and keeping a genuine customer relationship. Focusing more on your offer chases people away. Your words will often be more about you, your product, or your service rather than on empathizing with your market audiences’ dilemma.

Why do people feel disinterested in being your customer when you keep promoting your offer/solution to their dilemma? Because you give out a vibe that feels insincere about your motives. This insincerity shows up in your ads, your social media posts, and virtually all marketing ideas.

Your Offer Rather Than An Empathetic Story

Put yourself in your ideal prospect’s place. Let’s say the candidate is a sixty-year-old woman in relatively good health. She’s interested in buying ONLY an affordable term life insurance policy. She wants the plan only to cover end-of-life burial/cremation expenses.

She lands on your website. The ad copy shows a comparative price chart of plans and your contact information. The table and contact information is all about your offer.

Emotion fuels people to take action. How could you improve the quality of your marketing effort? By first writing an empathetic story. It might be something like this:

You just hung up the phone with your childhood friend. She’s got cancer. Last week, you took your husband back to the doctor for the umpteenth time regarding his diabetes. These stories get you thinking about your mortality. If you’re like most parents, you don’t want to be a burden on your children. We understand because at (your insurance agency’s name), we help folks with these types of issues.

Your empathetic story reveals that you understand what matters to your market audience. Below the story, you could place your comparative chart and contact information. The story spikes interest in people contacting YOUR insurance agency compared with a competitor’s.

There is no chasing, no convincing and no cold calling when you tell a true story. You are educating people in this situation about a solution to the matter.

You don’t need to chase customers – partner with them. Provide education and truth so they can make an informed decision about becoming your customer.

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