Marketing Strategy– The Best Kept Secret To Attracting Website Traffic

Marketing Strategy– The Best Kept Secret To Attracting Website Traffic

Like most businesses, you have at least one website. On the home page, you’ve published content that sounds like you know what matters to your market. Proof that you understand what’s significant to your market shows up in your profits. This marketing strategy works well to attract buyers. If sales are lower than you prefer, perhaps you can change the copy.

When people come to us for marketing help, the most common thing they ask for is “traffic to my website, so that I can make money.” That’s logical because people get into business to make money. However, to attract customers, only talk about your company the least amount of time. You MUST give people a REASON to keep coming back to your website. To do this, you must talk about their dreams and what matters to THEM rather than how great your company is and what you have to offer.

Enterprises that write website content talking about what matters to the company does not give prospects a reason to think you can help them solve their problem. When you publish the highest percentage of content talking about your company and what you offer, that information bores and repels customers.

Remember, each of us is self-absorbed and focused on what seems most important to ourselves when searching for answers to a specific issue. Your customers are the same. When you talk all about your company OFFER, that is different than saying, “You have this problem? Here’s something we’ve done ourselves, when we were in that situation, that worked for us.”

See the difference in the approach to helping people solve their problems? Don’t talk about what you offer right up front. Talk about THEM. Describe their scenario and how you to help them improve it.

You may be unaware you are saying to your website visitors you think it’s more important to talk about your company before giving solutions. But if you talk all about your offer, THAT is talking all about YOU, not them. AND, that content creates traffic resistance to your website.

The classic marketing strategy adage, “Find out what matters to your target market and give it to them.” works well to succeed in business. This adage means do not talk more about your company’s importance compared with taking about how you can help/support your market so they can live their dream. Talking about how unique and wonderful your company is,can be relegated to probably one paragraph in the “about us” section. Talk MORE about you and you repel prospective customers.

A little while ago, I was talking with my team about successful business processes, techniques, and strategies for our clients. According to my senior copywriter, probably 80 – 90 percent of small businesses have home page copy that repels instead of attracts buying traffic. Until small business owners understand the idea with crystal clarity, they will inadvertently continue to publish website copy that repels instead of attracts customers.”

Effective Marketing Strategy For Attracting Correct Website Traffic

If you want to attract the right kind of website traffic, talk about the customer’s problem and how you can improve things. Speak in casual, friendly words that suggest ways things to make things better for your customers/ideal prospects. The more you talk about the solution, the more you attract those who feel interested in solving specific problems in your marketing niche.

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