Small Business Owner Training For Your New Endeavor

Small Business Owner Training For Your New Endeavor

You passionately believe in your business that helps people live better. That’s good. If you are new to working for yourself, small business owner training is a must.

The largest amount of time and money you’ll invest for your business will be on marketing skills. Marketing will give you the greatest return for your efforts.

Each business is different. Therefore, some marketing efforts may work for one type of enterprise and fail to be effective for another. But there are common things to learn in marketing that apply to all businesses. SEO, keywords, videos, ads, social media and a host of other skills are necessary for your business success.

Today, digital marketing can be a very effective way to make your business phone ring. A common method that helps you engage with the right type of prospect would be learning how to become social online.

Small Business Owner Training – Getting Social

See your ideal customer’s problematic situations through their eyes by being social with them. When you are social, you act as an information resource. For example, suppose you sell automobile insurance. Being social seeing customer situations the same way they see them, you would tell stories to which a potential customer can relate. Learning to tell socially engaging customer stories is an important part of small business owner training.

In a social platform post, you would speak to the challenges of new drivers using a story format. Why use a story format? Because everyone likes to hear aninteresting story that could be a lot like something they will or have experienced. A post would look something like this:

“You are seventeen-years-old, still living with your parents and a newly licensed driver. You are backing out of your driving in your parent’s car. Bam! Unexpectedly, a car traveling on your street runs into the tail end of the car. You instantly feel angry.

Grabbing the car’s door handle, you yank it open. Swinging your feet to the pavement, you’re going to give the jerk who hit your car a piece of your mind.

Arriving at the car that hit you, it’s obvious a pregnant woman is in pain. Her husband is in the driver’s seat. He looks pale and nervous.You stop dead in your tracks. Your anger vanishes. It’s obvious they’re on the way to the hospital because his wife is in labor.

What can you do? Here are some options:

  1. You offer to drive the man and woman to the hospital.
  2. You use your cell phone to call an ambulance to take the couple to the hospital.
  3. You run into your house and ask your parents to help you.
  4. Call your insurance agent!

If this were you, what would YOU do? Don’t know? We can make some recommendations. Give us a call at Brinkley’s Insurance!”

Small business owner training includes knowing how to tell a story with something at the end called a CTA or call to action. There is a lot to knowing about marketing. Want to know more? You can contact us at [email protected].

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