Video Marketing Ideas – Show Your Passion To Viewers

Video Marketing Ideas – Show Your Passion To Viewers

Are you running out of ideas for your videos? It may not have occurred to you but using simple video marketing ideas like sharing your passion for serving your market can make a great video series. When you show you genuinely care for your market in your videos, you become real and personal.  The best way to build meaningful customer relationships is to show you genuinely care about serving your market. An easy way to do this is by being real instead of hiring actors for your videos.

Video Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus Crisis

For example, right now while people are required to work from home due to coronavirus, create a video series.  It could contain helpful information about your support for customers through the crisis and beyond.

Either service or product companies could create a video series. For example, if you are a local restaurant, create a video series about how to keep the kitchen clean. People like to know how to be clean and organized but some don’t know how to do it. How can you help them keep their kitchen clean?  If you find a fun way to show the value of cleaning, your viewers will appreciate it and do business with you.

Or, you could create videos of how to create some of your restaurant’s tasty foods. When you share a few of your favorite recipes and show the delicious reaction of your family eating your cooked creations, that’s a testimonial to your cooking. In the video(s), you could let your customers know that when the virus danger is over, you’ll be serving up your tasty dishes once again. As a thank you for them watching your video series, offer viewers a special discount for when they can return to your eating establishment. This can give them something to look forward to when this entire strange situation is over.

Or, suppose you are a service company. Let’s say you provide carpet cleaning. If possible, you could show before and after videos of dirty carpets and then results of your company providing cleaning services.  It would be interesting if you could show test results from an independent lab of improved cleanliness after you’ve cleaned a carpet.  These video marketing ideas are classic. People like to see before and after videos because proof sells!

The bottom-line here is simple –get personal (but appropriate) in some videos.  Show your passion for your carpet cleaning service.  Show how you passionately love to prepare and serve good food. When people see your passion, they WANT to get to know you better. Or, as self-help coach, let your hair down a bit.  Every video doesn’t need to be instructional.  It can be informative yet casual. Just let your audience get to know you through video.

The world has certainly been memorably affected during the coronavirus pandemic.  People are pulling together and supporting each other. Even though this is a tragedy, those of us who are strong and boldly persevering are seen as leaders. The world needs strong, dependable, respected business leaders. BE one of them by showing your passion in videos about your business.

Use some of these video marketing ideas Video to build a wonderful reputation and credibility for your business. When people know like and trust you, that’s when they do business with you!

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